Aptoide Alternative 17 Aptoide Alternatives & Similar Apps – Top Best Alternatives

We are all well aware of Aptode Apk. It helps us to install all types of applications and games for free. In addition, there are many other applications in the market. Which we can use as an Aptoide alternative. Today we are going to tell you about the latest Aptoide alternative of 2020.

Aptoide Alternative  Aptoide Alternative

Here we are telling you about the Aptoide option in many ways. Which you can use to get the application for free.

17 Aptoide Alternatives


AppCake AppCake is a website and mobile app. Through which you can download all kinds of applications. It is very easy to download. This gives space to download the app for your iOS Phone. In this, you get both paid and free applications. The site has all kinds of apps from games to productivity-based apps. You can also get popular applications through AppCake iOS.

AppBrain App

AppBrain App AppBrain App is also an alternative to Aptoide. The AppBrain App content is all rated and can be downloaded. And it supports 16 APIs and above. It can be installed with Android and iOS devices. You can share your best application (eg Twitter / Facebook). And you can also add your friends.


F-Droid F-Droid is an interesting option for Android users. Which acts like Aptoide. Talking about its popularity, it is one of the most popular applications. If you do not want to use the Goole Play store then you can install F-Droid in your device. It is an optional store where users can find a variety of applications and games to enjoy their play. Downloading F Droid For iOS is very easy. You can also download it for free from our site. You do not have to pay any kind of charge for this. This is a completely free application.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store You all know the Google Play Store. It is found on everyone’s mobile today. This application is a product of Google itself. In which you have an official market for apps, music, books, and other forms of media. You can also upload your application here. This allows everyone with a Google account to access the platform. It does not work on ios devices. Here you get a repository of myriad applications.


SlideME SlideME is an application store. Which is known as google play store and Aptoide alternative? You can also download it from the Aptoide app store. This provides you a better option to download all kinds of games and applications. As you already know, when it comes to Android applications there is life beyond the Google Play Store. Here you can easily use the SlideME app store on your device.


1Mobile The 1Mobile Market App helps you find Android apps and games for your mobile. In this, you can download any application for free. In this, you get more than 400,000 free apps and new apps are being added every day. Its content is unique and original. Do what you like. You can download all the latest applications and games for free. But in this, you get dozens of malicious or duplicate apps. Which can be a problem for you. So you have to take care of while choosing the app Download 1mobile Market For iPhone.


GetJar GetJar is the world’s largest open AppStore. It is used by all types of Android and ios users. It provides you new applications every day. It currently lists 968876+ apps with more than 3M downloads per day. In which you can search all applications according to your category.


APKMirror APKMirror is a website. It provides applications and games. Which helps you to download and search all your diversions and free applications. You can also run it from Google page. And if you want to download its application, you can also download it on your mobile phone. This is a completely free site. In this you do not need to do any kind of registration.


GetApk GetApk is an open-source platform. This is an example of an Aptoide alternative. It offers Android Apk for free. Android is the largest open-source mobile platform. It downloads all types of Android apps and Android games for free. A large number of applications and games are available. Which you can download by category. All Android devices come installed with Google Play Store. But not all applications are available on this. So you can download them for free from GetApk App Store. Once you install and launch GetAPK Market APK Android App on your device. Through which you can download paid application from Google Play Store for free.


AppsDrop AppsDrop is a quality filter for your App Store that contains a selection of thousands of the best apps for Android; It has been reviewed by a group of mobile lovers who will help you easily find and use the most interesting apps for you. Some reviews: “This is a great app that is simple and well organized.


AndroidPIT AndroidPIT is free for Android operating systems including cell phones ios and tablets. It is an independent app store that, in addition to listing most of the apps in the Google Play Store, has also listed the game. From here you can download many types of paid games for free. AndroidPIT is not just a dedicated platform for receiving applications. In this, you can see the news and the best mobile application review. It also brings you hardware issues and solutions, tips, reviews, and many other services. Which users will like. In this way, you can use it in many ways.


Fossdroid You can use the Fossdroid Android operating system without any registration. It is a provider of free and open-source games and applications for you. Fossdroid has an excellent collection of apps for your Android device. Here you also get a chance to download your application. It is not an independent app store because F-Droid supports it. F-droid is also a kind of application store. The way to manage Fossdroid is similar to the Google Play Store. It organizes and categorizes its apps just like the Google Play Store system.


MoboRobo MoboRobo is one of the most popular Android smartphone PC managers. You can also use it on your PC. MoboRobo is a strong market for Android applications. In this, all the apps found on Google are given for free. There are also a large number of computer or laptop users in using the application. MoboRobo users who use it to manage their Android devices from PC. It has become a popular store today. Available for the Android mobile operating system can be accessed through MoboRobo’s official app.



BlackMart works smoothly on Android as well as iOS. It is today a major alternative to the Google Play Store for smartphones and tablets. With this platform, you can download accounts and universal applications of Google without any registration required. It can be easily installed. You can find exactly the applications and games you want that you can find elsewhere. From here you can download many types of applications for free. Here you have all the applications available for free download without any limitation.

Jio Apps Store

Jio Apps Store Jio Apps Store is an application store created by Jio. It provides you free applications, games, themes, and everything for free. We want to tell you that this application is used only in India. It provides you with music browsing, TV, songs, and various social applications. The primary purpose of a platform is to establish the community as an interface that works best and update the new app on the system every day.



Appzuma is an application used in Android. Which is available for Android and ios. Appzuma is an excellent market place for Android users with lots of free apps and games from all categories. All Android and iPhone users can use. It offers both free and premium apps. For which you do not need any kind of payment.


Untitled design2 2 Zeusmos is a powerful PC-free code-signing application. Which is used to provide the application most commonly used on pc? This enables you to share and install the application without any red tape. It is available for both iOS and Android devices. You do not need any kind of jailbroken and non-jailbroken for this. Zeusmos works as an alternative to the App Store and offers lots of free applications and games to download and enjoy. You must download it once.


Friends, we have told you here 17 Aptoide Alternative. Which you can install on your device and use Aptoide Apk instead. You can download them through the Internet. If you want to know more about Applications related to these App Store, then we must comment.