Are There Any iOS Apps Similar to Lucky Patcher?

Lucky Patcher for iOS – Alternative – Many people have a question, Are There Any iOS Apps Similar to Lucky Patcher? In today’s post, we will tell you that there is an ios app like Lucky Patcher. Lucky Patcher is one of the most popular modified apps for Android devices.

Are There Any iOS Apps Similar to Lucky Patcher?

Are There Any iOS Apps Similar to Lucky Patcher?

To let you know, iOS users can use the Lucky Patcher alternative solution for iOS devices and iOS versions.

Lucky Patcher Alternative

There are many apps available in the market for iOS users. Which you can use to make in-app purchases and unlock premium versions. Here one can use Silzy Jailbreak Finder to get the most compatible jailbreak tool as per iOS version and device model.

Are There Any iOS Apps Similar to Lucky Patcher?


LocalIAPStore is the most popular lucky patcher alternative for iOS users. If you want to add additional repo to your repo list then you can use it. For this you can follow the following steps.

Step 01. Go to Cydia.
Step 02. After editing tap the button.
Step 03. Tap on Add button and enter below repo URL
Step 04. Add source to device and tap on it.
Step 05. Now search and install LocalIAPSstore in Cydia.

IAP cracker

IAP cracker is another option, which you can use for your ios device. For this you have to install Cydia as we have told you above, through this you will be able to install IAP Cracker.


iAPfree is a Cydia based tweak that is used by the user to bypass in-app purchases. It also helps you unlock a variety of premium options. As the name suggests, iAP stands for In-App Purchase. Its installation is also simple which you can install on your device by replacing Lucky Patcher.


Another alternative to Lucky Patcher is the iAPcrazy app. APcrazy is Cydia support tweak, and you can’t install it without jailbreaking your device, for this you have to jailbreak your device. This app has been specifically modified to bypass the Apple In-App Purchases page. After installing it, you can download the app in your mobile without any payment.

FAQ Lucky Patcher

What is a custom patch in Lucky Patcher?

Let us tell you that Lucky Patcher contains custom patches, which are small files that, when downloaded to your Lucky Patcher app on a mobile phone using the custom patch installer, will change the permissions of any app you have. Through this you can easily download any app in your device without any payment.

How to get lucky patcher on ios?

Lucky Patcher is not available for iOS, for this we have told you some ios options above, which you can download. Lucky Patcher is one of the better alternatives, but it is not available for ios yet.