COD Mobile Controller – Here are the Some Controllers Supports on Android And iOS

The COD Mobile Controller hasn’t had much time since it was officially released last year, but the features found during its beta period were removed before the game started without any controversy. In COD Mobile Controller you get many different features, which helps to make the game interesting to play. It distinguishes it from other games on the mobile platform. Most of the unique features of the game are used by the player to get controller support in their own way.

COD Mobile Controller

COD Mobile Controller

COD Mobile Controller allows players to play on all types of play stations. This enables one to enjoy the game using the controller easily on the PS4 and Xbox One. You can use it on all types of Android versions. Activision listened to the player’s complaints and updated the feature received a few months after its release and added them back. It enabled PUBG to control other players using a controller, just like mobile and Fortnite games.

What controllers work with COD Mobile?

We have told you that it is capable of working with almost all types of controllers. Call of Duty mobile controllers are DualShock 4, PlayStation 4 as well as Xbox One controllers. This is extremely convenient for players who have such game consoles available. These other Bluetooth controllers can also work with COD Mobile, which allows you to connect and play your games with Bluetooth easily.

How to play COD Mobile Controller with a controller

COD Mobile Controller

We will provide you complete information about its use, so that you can easily use it for your game. Players can play the game through it on both Android and iOS devices using a controller. If you want to connect your controller with it, then follow the procedure given by us. COD allows mobile players to use the ‘Controller’ in the Controller Settings menu.

For this, you can follow the following 5.

  • Step 1: First of all you have to open the Bluetooth settings of your mobile device.
  • Step 2: Inside it you see ‘pair new device’, click on it.
  • Step 3: In the Xbox controller’s Connect button, you see the PS button, press it.
  • Step 4: Find and connect the device with the controller from the list of Bluetooth devices.
  • Step 5: The game detects the controller, after which players can play COD Mobile.

COD Mobile Controller Restrictions

Will the COD Mobile Controller be banned from using the controller? This question is done by many players, we want to tell you that no such restriction is imposed on you. Controller support in COD Mobile is fully permitted by the developer. He can control his favorite game with it. However, you have to match them with other players using the controller. The matchmaking time may increase slightly during the game.

COD Get Multiplayer and Battle Royal Sensitivity

COD Mobile Controller allows you to have different sensitivity settings for multiplayer and Battle Royale, which you can use for yourself. Here for this you can make different settings according to the screen size and personal preferences according to you. We are going to tell about their setting below. Take these settings as the baseline, and adjust them.

  • Horizontal Sensitivity: 145
  • Vertical Sensitivity: 145
  • Non-Scope Vertical Sensitivity: 100
  • Scope horizontal number: 95
  • Vertical sensitivity: 95
  • Sniper ADS Horizontal: 50
  • Sniper ADS vertical: 54

Final Word –

You have been provided complete information about COD Mobile Controller. Using Cod, players can make the game more fun and interesting. It will provide you with many types of features. We will share with you further information related to this.