Control Center iOS 14 Apk Download For Android And iOS Device

Control Center iOS 14 Apk is one of the better apps for ios. In today’s time all the users have started liking the Control Center iOS 14 APK. It can be downloaded on Android devices supporting API 16 and above. Control Center iOS 14 apk operation is quite easy.

Control Center iOS 14 Apk

Control Center iOS 14 Apk

Control Center iOS 14 provides you with many features. It gives you access to your camera, clock, record screen, screenshot and other settings like iOS X, iOS XS. It helps you to have access to all these things in less time.

How to use Control Center iOS

Using iOS 14 to open Control Center is very easy. It lets you swipe up from the edge of the screen to perform your task. Swipe down, swipe right or swipe left. This enables it to function in all respects.
how to turn off control center ios 14
If you want to turn it off, for that you have to swipe up, swipe down, swipe right, swipe left or tap on the top of the screen, in which you have to press the back, home, recent buttons. So that you can easily close it.

Features available in Control Center iOS 14 apk

Control Center iOS 14 apk

You can quickly access a variety of Control Center settings and apps with it. Like –

  • You can quickly turn off Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and cellular connections on your Android device. Control Center iOS 14 apk helps to use Airplane Mode.
  • It offers many services like browsing the web, streaming music, downloading movies.
  • Can connect to headphones, car kits, wireless keyboards and other Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones.
  • Silence the call notifications you receive when your device is locked.
  • Use Portrait Orientation Lock System.
  • Adjust the brightness of your phone, you can do this very quickly.
  • Flashlight The LED flash of the camera doubles as a flashlight.
  • Set an alarm, timer or stopwatch.
  • Just like in the calculator, tap the numbers and functions in the calculator.
  • Make it easy to have quick access to your phone’s camera. So that you can use it easily and quickly.

Final Word –

In Control Center iOS 14 apk, you get many facilities along with it, in which many facilities like audio control, record screen, quick screenshot etc. are available. With the Control Center app, you can customize more styles. You can also easily download it to your phone.