Features of Microsoft Edge Browser || How to make account on Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft edge browser

Web browser can be used for browsing the Internet or visiting any website, searching photos, videos, documents, etc. on the Internet, and many web browsers are available on the Internet, but only a few of them are like this.

Which is popular and does less than the right and many features are also available to the users, so that you can do browsing and many other things like document reader, calculator and notepad can also be used, Other types of features are available to users in browser software, the most popular are Google Chrome, Mozilla, Opera Mini, etc., which are used by more and more people.

And all these devices like computer and desktop and mobile versions are also available to users, if you use Windows, then you must know that users get Internet Explore browser in it.

Which is given by default in the Windows operating system, using which you can use the Internet, but now Windows has launched a new Microsoft Edge Browser and this software is available for both Windows and mobile users. In this article, you will learn about how it works and how to use it.

What is Microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is a web browser that can be used for web browsing, web surfing, as everyone knows that the browser is the only software that helps users to use the Internet, because without using it, no You can visit the website, nor can any information be searched on the Internet,

Earlier, Microsoft used to provide Internet Explorer default for Windows computers, which most of the users do not like, nor do users get many features in it, so Mircosoft has updated its software, which is named Microsoft Edge Browser.

The truth is that the Internet can be used only when the Internet and the Web Browser are connected to each other, because the Web browser cannot be used without an Internet connection, in the same way without a browser even if there is an Internet connection. Can’t use it, with its help you can view documents, videos, images, photos etc. on the internet and there are many other things that are done by Web Browser like registering in any site,

Uploading photos or videos or documents on the Internet, it is used to use the Internet to search for any information, it reaches the world of www (world wide web) and it converts computer language Translates so that users understand that language,

Microsoft Edge is also a web software created by Microsoft Corporation, it is available for all devices, that is, you can use Microsoft Edge Browser in the Windows operating system on the computer, and it is free to use it. that for this you do not have to pay any kind of charge,

It is not that Windows users do not get Internet Explorer right now, both web browsers are available in Windows, out of which anyone can use, but Microsoft edge browser is an advanced software which has the same features as other popular software such as extensions. , print, apps, web capture etc. which are amazing features,

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By using the extension, if you want to install any extension on your browser, then you can do so by using this feature, if you want to print, then you can use the print option and the option of apps is also available in it. Is

In which you can check the installed apps, this extension remains the same, the list of all the extensions you have installed shows here in the option with apps, apart from this, in its mobile version, users have many features like view desktop site, voice search. , image search, print, shopping etc. options are available

Using which you can view the desktop site in your mobile, you can search by voice, that is, you can search by speaking, and the option to search by image is also available here, the speed is also good in Microsoft Edge. That is, if you want to do fast browsing, then you can do so through it, its look is also very good and many features are available in it like other popular browsers, and you can use it easily.

How to download Microsoft Edge browser?

If there are computer users, then you can download Microsoft Edge Browser from Windows Playstore i.e. Microsoft Store, if there are Android users, then you can download it from Google Playstore, so far more than 10 million people have downloaded it on Playstore and its rating is 4.5. Its size is 85 MB, you can download it in any of your mobile,

Microsoft Edge is pre-installed in Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10, and if this software is not in your computer, then after updating Windows, this software will be installed automatically, and if you want, you can also download it from Microsoft Store.

How to make Edge Account?

There is no need to create an account to use it, users can use it even without creating an account, but if you want to create an account in Microsoft edge, you can do so and there will be no need to create an account again if your If you have a Microsoft account, you can login to this Microsoft Edge Browser with the same account. I have already posted about how to create a Microsoft account, which you can read from here.

Features of Microsoft Edge Browser

1. Fast & Secure
Microsoft web browser is a very fast and secure web browser, in which users can visit the website very fast and do web surfing, in this there are many features like faviorate, password, collection, all data, etc. for the policy of the users. It comes with a tracking prevention feature which is already enabled so that your web browsing remains secure.

2 Private Browsing
In Microsoft Edge Browser, users also get the feature of private browsing, using which you can do private browsing. This feature is similar to the incognito mode feature of other web browsers, which does not store your search history, cookies, etc. when enabled. With this you can keep your search history private.

3. Desktop Site
In Microsoft web browser, users get the option of desktop site, using which they can open the desktop site in their mobile, that is, they can view the desktop version of any site from mobile itself, many times many sites are mobile. If they do not open properly in the view, then using this option you can open them in the desktop view.

4. print
Many times, on visiting a site or viewing a document, its print is wanted, there can be many reasons for taking a print, such as payment to someone, or any notes document that needs to be saved as a hard copy. If you want, you also get the print option in it.

5. Image Search
If you want to search by image in Microsoft Edge Browser, then you can do so, if you have to search by photo or you have any photo from which you want to search related, then you can do so by using this option.

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