GB iOS X APK 6.0 How To Use GB iOS X in Whatsapp

GB iOS X APK: If you use ios devices, it is very beneficial for you to use GB iOS X APK. This application copies the presence of WhatsApp messages. The chat application renders on the ios device. GB iOS X is a WhatsApp mod developed for Android devices.

that describes how a messaging app appears on an Apple device. How can you see its interface? It provides you all the information. StefanoYG has developed this WhatsApp mode using a graphical interface. For more information about this, you keep reading this post.



Using WhatsApp for iOS on Android is easy today. But in Apple device, you do not get all the features you get with the Android device. GB iOS X APK Copies WhatsApp for iPhone. Which makes it easy to see and read msg. Based on another MOD, GBWhatsApp has really thought about the user. He designed it as such. With which you can see the chat application on Instant Messenger and Apple.

In this way, you can enjoy your ios WhatsApp using GB iOS X APK on your Android device. You will have the option to enjoy the design where the application is used to fit on iOS compared to Android. Here you can see the blue line of the msg and its tick. In this, you can define different components of the type and application. The background of WhatsApp can also be changed. It makes your WhatsApp beautiful.



GB iOS APK is a type of application designed to use WhatsApp. Helps you to use WhatsApp in iOS devices. These are optimized for design lines in Apple phones. The font style and make up the various components of the application. Most of which are better integrated into Android and iOS. Not everything we have in iOS devices is free. But GB iOS APK gives you a chance to use many things for free.

If you are searching for the best application like Android, then the “GB iOS X App” is a better option. ioS is able to provide the user with everything that the Android user gets for free. So that you do not have to pay for any features. You can download the “GB iOS X Apk” app from here. We are providing you the link below for this, which allows you to install it in your iOS device.

How To Use GB iOS X in Whatsapp

This application created by StefanoYG known as GB iOS X. It is very easy to use. It emulates the version of WhatsApp for iPhone. GB iOS X helps in running WhatsApp on iPhone. Today existing mods such as GBWhatsApp (regarded as one of the best) have developed this new version. With a design and lines that give you a variety of features. You can change the font design through the GB iOS X APK. Like you see in Android phones. And other elements can be adapted to improve iOS. The GB iOS X APK offers great features that you will love.
What is- iOS

Download the latest GGB iOS X APK

GB iOS X APK is developed in ios devices with a graphical interface. It is very easy to download. For this, we are going to give you the following guidelines. It copies the version of WhatsApp for iPhone. After downloading it. You can get more benefits in your iOS WhatsApp. Including font style, skins, plan lines, backgrounds, and more.

GB iOS X Information

Latest VersionGB iOS X v6.0
Application Size39.30 MB
RequirementiOS X and above
Last UpdateMay 13, 2020
  • Click on the GB iOS X APK file
  • Click the “Install” button.
  • Installation may take some time. Wait for it
  • Click on the open button to install.
  • Open the newly installed application.
  • Open WhatsApp on ios device and tap on the menu.
  • Click on settings.
  • Tap on chats.
  • Input your phone number and click on “Copy WhatsApp Data”.
  • In this way, you can easily use this application.

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FAQ Based On GB iOS X

What is GB iOS X?

GB iOS X APK is an application used in Apple phones. Which gives you permission to use WhatsApp like an Android phone. It copies the presence of messaging and renders the chat application on Apple’s cell phone. Which gives you better graphics.

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How to download GB iOS X APK?

Friends, we have provided the link above for this. Through which you can easily download it. Remember that MODs do not update at the same speed as the official version. This may take you some time. Wait for it.

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GB iOS X APK Free?

Most of the applications found on Apple are available on payment. But GB iOS X APK is completely free. You do not have to pay any kind for this.

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Final Word

GB iOS X APK works on all types of WhatsApp. You are designed to use it on your iOS device. This is a great app for WhatsApp lovers. Which can be used for all types of iOS devices. With this app, you can enjoy unlimited latest features for free. Which you don’t get with a normal application. So, install this application, and enjoy its excellent features. In the coming times, many better features will be added to it.

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