Help of Godaddy How to buy Domain

Help of Godaddy, How to buy Domain

What is GoDaddy

GoDaddy  is an American Internet domain registrar and web hosting company. As of May 2017, GoDaddy has approximately 17 million customers and over 6,000 employees worldwide. It The company is known for its advertisements on TV and in newspapers. GoDaddy has also been involved in several controversies related to censorship.

What is Domain

Actually, Domain is a Web Address. It is the name of the website by which that website is identified on the Internet. Just as every person has a name and that person is identified by that name. In the same way a website is identified by its domain name.

In A Simple way of domain

A domain name is a simple name for an IP address which we can remember easily as compared to an IP address. In simple words, it is a human readable version of IP address. With the help of a single domain name, we can find one or more IP addresses. For example, is a domain name that refers to hundreds of IPs.

How many types of domains can you buy from Godaddy?

GoDaddy is a worldwide use website. You get hundreds of domains on GoDaddy.

From here you get TLD, .net, .xyz and many more domains. Let me provide you information about some main domains.

1) .com

2) .net



5) .xyz

6) .online

7) .store

8) .us

9) .pk

10) .org

11) .gov

Apart from this, you will get thousands of domains from here. which you can buy.

What are the benefits of Domain Name –

1) The biggest advantage of Domain Name is that it becomes your website and your identity.

2) It helps in branding you and your blog.

3) By having a custom domain, you can easily move your blog from Blogger to WordPress.

4) By applying custom domain, your blog looks professional.

5) It helps in SEO of your blog.

6) By using custom domain, people have more trust on your blog.

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How to Buy Domain Name from GoDaddy –

Friends, now I will tell you step by step process through which you can buy domain name.

1) First of all you have to type GoDaddy on Google and open the website.

2) Now you will see the option of search domain in the top of the website. Here you have to type your domain name.

Like –

3) Now you have to click on the search domain. Domain suggestions will come in front of you.

4) Now you have to choose the domain according to your budget and availability.

5) In front of the domain, you will see the option of Add to Cart, you have to click on it.

6) Now your domain will be added to the cart.

7) Here you will see the option of Years. Select for how many years you want to buy the domain here, accordingly your price will change.

8) Now you have to click on the option of Continue to Cart. You will move to the next page.

9) On this page you will get some Value Added Service. If you want to take this service, then tick them, otherwise untick them.

10) Now you have to click on Continue to Cart again. You will go to the purchase page.

11) Here you have to verify the information of your product and if you have Promo code then apply Promo code.

12) You have to click on Continue to Checkout. You will go to Sign in Page.

How to Sign In and Sign up in GoDaddy –

Guys, now you have to sign in or sign up inside GoDaddy to continue shopping.

You can create an account by filling basic information. If you already have an account then you can sign in.

You can use your username and password to sign in.

Fill Payment Information –

Guys, after signing in you will get the option of Payment Information.

You have to fill your Billing Information and Address here.

Inside Billing Information you have to fill your country, name and phone number.

Fill your complete address inside the address and click on Save.

Now you have to select your payment mode. Like – debit card, credit card, UPI etc and click on save.

Now the Complete Payment page will come up, here you have to verify all your information and click on Complete Payment.

Now you have to pay by filling the information of debit card, credit card or Upi.

Your domain name will be added to your product as soon as your payment is completed.

Your payment invoice will come to your mail.

How to buy Domain in Godaddy at cheap price –

Guys, if you want to buy Domain name at Cheap Price, then there is a way.

First of all you should buy domain name in Festive Season because during that time you get heavy discount on Domain Purchase.

Second, whenever you go to buy a domain name, you should use Promo Code or Coupon Code, this reduces the price of the domain even more.

How to Renew Domain in Godaddy –

Guys, whenever the renewal date of your domain comes, you will get mail.

When the mail comes to you, then you have to login inside Godaddy and go inside the product.

Here you will get the option of Renewal next to the domain, you have to pay by clicking here.

Your domain will be renewed for the specified time.

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