How do You Fix Your Mic is Muted by your System Settings

How do You Fix Your Mic is Muted by your System Settings Because Google Meet provides an excellent video communication experience, it is used by a significant number of users globally. People can use it to communicate in a conference regardless of where they are in the world. However, it, like other programs, has flaws. One of the most typical difficulties encountered while utilizing Google Meet is that your microphone has been muted by your system settings.

How do You Fix Your Mic is Muted by your System Settings

How do You Fix Your Mic is Muted by your System Settings

Google Meet, formerly known as Google Hangouts Meet, is a video conferencing tool created by Google as part of the Google Workspace. It allows people from all around the world to engage in real-time meetings via the internet. Google Meet significantly improves company work efficiency, particularly for large enterprises.

How do I Unmute my System Settings?

Google Meet Error: Your System Settings Have Muted Your Mic

Many people have reported seeing the error. While using Google Meet in the Google Meet Help Community or other forums, your system settings have silenced your microphone.

The specific error message is as follows:

  • Your system settings have muffled your microphone.
  • Unmute and adjust the level of your microphone in your computer’s settings.
  • Your system settings have muffled your microphone.

Please remain calm if you also experience this mic muted problem. You’re not by yourself. (Why isn’t my microphone working?)

How do You Fix Your Mic is Muted by your System Settings

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Troubleshoot System settings have muted the microphone.

How can I check and unmute my microphone on Windows and Mac? This section explains how to unmute the microphone on a Windows or Mac computer. When the system tells you that your Google Meet microphone has been banned, you should take the procedures outlined below to resolve the issue on your own.

  • Turn off the mute button in the Volume Mixer (Windows)
  • Locate the audio icon in the lower right corner of your computer screen.
  • Open the Volume Mixer by right-clicking on the audio icon.
  • Take a look at the volume controls in the list. If the volume is muted, a red circle with a line will appear under the volume control.
  • Simply click on the specific icon again to unmute the device.
  • Mixer of Volume
  • Examine the Microphone Properties (Windows)
  • Right-click on the audio symbol in the lower left corner as well.
  • From the context menu, choose Sounds.
  • At the top, click the Recording tab.
  • Select the default microphone device, then click the Properties icon in the bottom right corner.
  • Navigate to the Levels tab now.
  • If the volume symbol indicates that your microphone is muted, please click on it to unmute it.
  • To confirm and close the Properties window, click the OK button.
  • To close the Sound window, click OK once more.
  • If the microphone device is not muted, adjust the volume slider to the right and then click OK to increase the level.

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