How To Break Windows 10 Password | Windows 10 Ka Password Kaise Tode

How to break Windows 10 password

Windows 10 Password:- If your computer is also locked and you do not know its password and want to break the lock, then you have come to the right place. Windows 10 is a very Secure Operating System, but by reading this article completely, you can break the lock of Windows 10, that too in a few minutes.

Here today we are going to tell you that how to log in password of Windows 10 in your computer or laptop? That too without Bootable Drive, you will be told every step in detail, after reading all the points carefully, you have to open your computer’s password so that you do not face any problem while unlocking the password. “Windows 10 Password”

How to break laptop password Windows 10

How to break laptop password Windows 10

  • To unlock your computer, you have to follow the steps given below
  • First restart your computer
  • After restarting, as soon as the computer screen turns on and the Windows logo appears, you have to press the restart button given in the CPU.
  • If you have a laptop, then you have to restart by pressing the power button.
  • After doing this process twice, Preparing Automatic Repair will come written, if it is not coming, then you do it three times, then it will definitely come. “Windows 10 Password”
  • System will Diagnose your PC after loading for some time.
  • After that two options will come in Automatic Repair, out of that click on Advanced Option.
  • After that three options will come again, out of which click on Toubleshoot.
  • After that again click on Advanced Option. After this, from the options that will come, you have to click on System Image Recovery.
  • After this you will see some options in a slightly old interface. Now click on Cancel and tick on Select System Image and click on Next.
  • After this again click on Advanced then click on Install a Driver and click on OK install a driver
  • Now the system32 folder will open on your computer screen. If it is not opening, then the location where your Windows is installed, like most people’s local disk is in C, then Local Disc(C:) ▶ Windows ▶ system32 has to be moved. “Windows 10 Password”
  • You have to find the Utilman file in the system32 folder and rename it to Utilman33 and refresh it.
  • Now in the same system32 folder you have to find the cmd file and rename it to Utilman and refresh it.
  • Check once whether the Rename is done correctly or not, if the Rename is done properly, then click on Cancel on all and come back to this interface. Continue
  • Now click on Continue here, this will restart your PC and ask for password again, then you have to click on the icon of Ease of Access from the option given below.
  • This will open your Command Prompt. Now in Command Prompt you have to type control userpasswords2 (it is necessary to put after control) and press Enter.
  • Now a new window will open in front of you, click on Reset Password.
  • Now you can reset the password of your computer or laptop. You do not need to enter the old password

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How to Reset Windows 10 Password – Resetting Your PC

Windows 10 Password:- Another method to reset the password of Windows 10 Computer is that you can also unlock your computer by resetting it. For this you have to follow the steps given below:-

  • In the previous method, when you come to this interface, then you can start the process of this method.
  • Here you have to click on Troubleshoot and then click on Reset This PC
  • Now you will have two options. If you want to keep all the files and apps then click on Keep My Files and do not want to keep, want to delete everything or if you have taken Back-up then click on Remove everything. “Windows 10 Password”
  • After this your PC will start to reset, it may also take some time.
  • After reset, customize your PC again, enter new password and use your computer

If you are facing any problem in the 1st method or do not understand anything, then you can see the whole process by playing the video given below.

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