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What is a blogging?

Blog is a way of conveying your thoughts, information and important information to the people in written form through internet. Through Blog, we find a solution to a particular problem in our own way or get information and convey it to people through Internet or Google. “how to earn money from blogging”

Through a blogging, we sit at one place and convey our thoughts to the person sitting in any corner of the world. The purpose of the blog is that the blog written by you is solving any small or big problem, the right information is reaching the people.

Let’s understand with an example, suppose you searched on Google after that all the results you see are only a blog post which is about that query by a person. It is written in Google’s only job is to find the best answers related to your question and put them in front of you so that your problem can be solved. “Earn Money From Blogging”

What is Blog Post?

Whatever information or idea we write in our blog and publish it (online) after that it is like a post which is known as block post in the world of blogging. The same blog post appears on Google when someone searches for things related to what is written in that post and Google feels that the blog post written by you is related to that query and is best written, then Google will give it Shows in search result.

Buy Domain Name:- To start your blog, you need some things, to start your blog, first of all you have to buy the name of your blog, which we call Domain name. Similarly, you will also have to buy a domain name related to your topic (niche) for your blog. There are many online platforms for buying domain names, where you can go and buy your favorite domain name, if you want, take it from wherever you get cheap.

Buy Web Hosting:- Through web hosting, your website is uploaded on the Internet, this is a type of service that we have to purchase, which has some annual charges, but don’t worry, you have to invest some money to earn money online and its charges are very high. are less.

Whatever we write, upload videos or photos in our blog website, it takes the load of web hosting and through this all your content is published on Google. I will tell you how you can start a blog for free and earn well, but in that you are deprived of some benefits. Now you should know that if you want to purchase web hosting, then you can purchase from, and many other websites.

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How to install WordPress and start blogging?

Once you have connected your domain to your hosting, the next step is to install wordpress on your website. What is wordpress? This question must be coming in your mind, wordpress is a software which we have to install by going to the c-panel of our web hosting, after that your website becomes a blogging website.

How to write your first blog post?

Before writing your first blog post, you have to understand about some things, such as you have to determine your topic (Niche), you have to keep in mind that the topic on which you are going to write a blog post is complete and correct. You must have the information. You also have to keep in mind that whatever you are writing, write it in such a way that the reader finds it interesting and also gets the right information.

Before writing your blog post, you should do keyword research, are people searching on Google about the topic on which you are writing a blog? And if you are searching, then what number of searches are being done. If you write a blog after understanding all these details, then your blog will rank quickly in Google.

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Google Adsense Approval

In this programme, any blogging can submit his website as long as he complies with all Google Adsense standards, builds it well in accordance with Google’s instructions, and creates quality content. If all of these requirements are met, Google will approve the website.

The blogger then starts to see Google Ads (Google Ads) on his or her website, which brings in a sizable sum of money. Many times it happens that Google does not give approval, in this case we should not be disappointed, we should read the rules again and apply again, we will definitely get approval.

If even after that you are not getting approval, then you can also try other alternative of Google Adsense. Like adsterra and Richads and many other advertising platforms where you can submit your blog and earn once approved.