What is Probo App? | How to earn money from Probo App Referral?

What is Probo App?

Probo App:- You must have seen Youtuber promoting this App many times on Youtube and he also used to say that it is a promising App and the earning will also double. Just whenever you get time then only you can earn money from it.

Now the question comes that what is this app?

“Just like you used to get 45 marks out of 50 by giving correct answers, you can earn money by giving correct answers to all, this App which you must have heard many times whose name is “Probo”.

You can also call this App as Betting or Opinion Trading. Now what is Opinion Trading?

In fact, if you understand Opinion Trading in a simple way, then giving your opinion and you have heard the word Trading in the stock market, understand that your opinion is important on your question, which you can invest good money and win with your intelligence. I call this thing “Opinion Trading” in my language.

The subject on which you have more information about it will make you a lot of money. If you do not know and you have given wrong answer, then your money can also be lost. That’s why it is necessary to have the right information and invest money wisely.

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How to download Probo App?

1. If you have any browser then you write “Probo” there or if you want to save time then click on this link on “Download Probo”!

2. As soon as the website is open, the website of “Probo” will appear like this.

3. Now as soon as you download the App, you will be asked whether you are 18+ or not? Yes toh yes kare no hai toh according to their terms and condition you can not join it.

4. The QR code will appear on your screen and it is not the door, it is their QR, so it is safe. Now you can scan it through Paytm App or any QR scanner in your mobile.

5. Then it will be downloaded in your phone and you can install it.

How to login with Probo App?

1. Your phone number will be asked on Probo App which can send OTP to them.

2. OTP will come after entering your number. Fill that OTP that you can proceed. If it is not happening then you can also do “Resend Code”.

Now you have also logged in this App and you can do this trading by answering the questions.

Is it safe to invest in Probo App?

If you visit Probo website then according to them more than 42 people have downloaded this app and they are getting more than 55 profit every day.

If you can earn money easily then this platform is safe for you and you can also invest. But read their terms and conditions.

If you believe me then you should start with the referral given by them. Later, if you understand this platform completely, then you can invest basic money.

Which topics and categories are available on Probo App?

You must have seen in “Kaun Banega Crorepati” that questions come on many topics and categories and after answering correctly you get money. As you go through the further stages, the questions become difficult.

Through this example, you have come to know that you can answer in any topic or category, but you must be aware of it, otherwise you get less money than you earned in that game just because of one mistake!

I request you to understand the subject according to your field, which you can save yourself from loss by giving any hope answer.

Now let’s know which topic and category are found on “Probo” App?

Cricket, Sports, News, Football, Finance, Entertainment, Gaming, Crypto, Basketball, Tennis, Mega Contest, Youtube, Club, Creators, Arena, Stats, Chess, Duels.

Got so many categories and topics, now you will also think that how to earn more money from this platform?

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How to increase Earning from Probo App?

You have invested money on this platform, but now the question comes that how to increase earning? You can do this by keeping an eye on the latest news, analysis, new sources and good trades. This will help you in the long run until you learn from your mistakes.

If you write a blog or make video content, then you can also paste the code given by them, which they should be able to see. The question is how to join their referral program and earn money?

How to earn money from Probo App referral?

Before Probo App referral, you can do this that after downloading the App, you will get 25 rupees immediately, but I tell you that you can earn 200 rupees just by sharing?

Yes, you come to their “Invite & Earn” option, then you will be given a code which you have to share with your friends or your family members.

Later whoever or your friend gives the correct answer, he will earn money as well as you will get 10% commission.

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