How to earn money from YouTube

What is Youtube ?

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world. Where any person can watch many types of videos like educational videos, songs videos, funny videos, informative videos etc. Apart from this, any person in t    he world can also earn money by uploading videos on Youtube.
You do not have to pay a single rupee for watching and uploading videos on YouTube. It is absolutely free platform. here in this content we know about How to earn money from YouTube?

Launched in 2005, YouTube is today the world’s largest video streaming platform. It is present almost everywhere in the world and people can watch YouTube’s video in more than 50 languages.

Don’t know how many lakhs and crores of videos are uploaded on YouTube daily. From which the popularity of YouTube can be estimated.

YouTube is a product of Google whose users are increasing day by day and I think in the coming time YouTube will become the biggest search engine in the world.

According to a research, people prefer to watch and listen more than to read something. From all these things, you can guess what will be the value of Youtube and Youtuber in the coming time.

How to create YouTube channel for earning propose?

You do not need any laptop or computer to create a YouTube channel. You can even make it from your smartphone. For this you will need some things like:-

  •  Mobile Number
  • Internet connection
  • Email ID

 Here some Steps To Create a YouTube Channel 2023 :-

• First of all you have to open a browser on your smartphone. If you have Chrome browser then open it.

• After this you have to search in the browser and YouTube will open in front of you.

• You will see the Sign In button on YouTube’s home page (Feed), click on it and sign in by entering your Email ID and Password.

• Now you have to click on your Profile Icon at the top of the Right Side where you will see the option of Your Channel.

• On clicking Your Channel, you will be asked to enter the name of your channel. According to you enter Unique Channel Name and click on Create Channel.

With just doing this, your YouTube channel will be created, but the work is not over yet. Now you have to customize your YouTube channel.

How to earn money from YouTube
How to earn money from YouTube

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Some important things related to YouTube: –

• You have to do Niche Selection of your channel very thoughtfully. Create a YouTube channel in the same field in which you have knowledge.

• Before uploading the video on the channel, make sure to put a nice Logo and Banner. This will make your channel look professional.

• Upload only Quality Video’s. Whatever you think is perfect.

• Take a good mic to record a clear voice. The cheapest and best mic for youtubers is Boya By M1. You will easily get these online for up to Rs.800.

• Views come less than everyone in the initial time. In such a situation, you do not have to give up. You have to keep uploading videos daily. After some time your video will go viral and your earning will also start getting substantial.

• Pay special attention to making Thumbnail of the video. Because any user first sees the Thumbnail of your video and decides whether to watch your video or not.

• Edit video always in 1080p. With this the quality of your videos will be very good. Due to which no viewer will leave the video half incomplete if the content is good and your Watch time will increase.

• Use SEO to rank your videos in the top. If you do not know what is SEO? So first of all find out about it. This is a very important thing.

• Always pay more attention to making Evergreen videos. This will keep you getting views for a long time like how to earn money online?, how to earn money from YouTube? 2023 etc.

• Keep sharing your videos on every social media platform. With this people will start knowing you on every social media platform and from there also you will start earning.

• Always make YouTube videos keeping in mind the Community Guidelines. Otherwise YouTube can delete your channel anytime.

• You do not have to use Copyrighted Music and Video in your videos. By doing this your YouTube channel will never be monetized.

• Never ask your subscribers to buy the wrong things because of the greed of earning more money. By doing this all your hard work will be wasted.

How to earn money from YouTube
How to earn money from YouTube

Advantages of uploading videos on YouTube:-

In the present time, there are many ways to earn money from the internet like Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Pages, Apps etc. But the easiest and most beneficial of all these is YouTube. Let’s know how?

Investment: You have to invest very less money on YouTube as compared to other platforms. To start your YouTube channel and earn money from it, you have to invest a maximum of ₹ 1000. To earn money by uploading videos on YouTube, you must have a smartphone, a mic and an internet connection. Everyone has a smartphone and a good internet connection these days. You just need to get a good mic which you will get online for 700-800 rupees.

AdSense Approval: You easily get the approval of AdSense on YouTube of blogging. If you have your own blog or website, then you must know how difficult it is to get Adsense Approval on it.

YouTube Monetization Criteria 2023: You do not have to wait too long to earn money from YouTube. Just according to YouTube Monetization Criteria, it is necessary to have 1000 Subscribers and 4000 Hours Watch time on your channel in the last 1 year. Only then you can earn money from “AdSense”, the easiest way to earn money from YouTube.

Confidence Boost: Many of us are scared or hesitant to speak in front of the camera. In such a situation, if you shoot YouTube videos daily, then your confidence will be boosted and you will be able to shoot your videos anywhere.

Earning: You can easily earn money on YouTube as compared to any other platform and there are many ways to earn money from it which you can use.

Traffic: You can become popular on YouTube in a very short time. Because the Algorithm of YouTube is such that it supports the new Youtuber a lot. Apart from this, YouTube’s Active Users are also in Billion, whose benefits you will definitely get if you work properly.

Fame: You get recognition along with earning on YouTube. As soon as you give your valuable time to do good work on YouTube, people will start recognizing you. In recent times, there are many such people whom no one knew outside their home, but today the whole country knows them.

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