How to Update Apps From Aptoide

How to Update Apps From Aptoide, You must have come to ask this question many times. Today we are going to tell you this question. Along with Aptoide, there’s a great alternative app store that you need to update.

How to Update Apps From Aptoide

How to Update Apps From Aptoide


The main reason developers update their applications is to improve performance, reliability and security. For this, you are provided with updates from time to time. In addition to this, when you launch updated versions of development, they include improved functions or new features.

This requires you to have the latest version of the applications, and that is why Aptoide includes a complete update manager that gives you almost all types of apps. , It is very easy to access and handle. Actually, you just have to follow a few steps which we are going to tell you in this.

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  • For this, first of all, go to the home page and search for the Apps button. You will then see it integrated into the navigation bar, in the lower right corner. To see your pending updates, tap on it, here you will see the pending apps.
  • Now, use the Update All function. This way, Aptoide will get all pending updates and install them on your device.
  • In this, if you have to install your application separately, then you can do it easily in this. In this you will see that tap on the icon next to you in the form of a circular arrow.
  • Keep in mind that thanks to Aptoide, you’ll also be able to update the apps you’ve installed from other stores like Google Play. This is one of the advantages of having an alternative software market for official software. Where you get all kinds of facilities which are easily available to you.

In the upcoming apps you see, it’s possible that on some occasions, the final version of an application comes first on Aptoide than on Google Play.

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