iOS Design Patterns – MVC – The King of Design Patterns & How to Do iOS Patterns

We all must have heard about the iOS Design Pattern at some time or the other. But not all of us know much about it, most developers agree that design patterns are very important. iOS Design Patterns are reusable solutions to common problems in software design. It helps to write iOS code through it. Through which iOS software’s codes are easy to understand and reuse. It can change the components in your code without too much hassle.

iOS Design Patterns

iOS Design Patterns

In this article, we will provide complete information about iOS Pattern. iOS Patterns help developers write clear and easy-to-use code. With the help of which ios provides many simple software for the user. Inside it all the patterns are divided into three categories. In which iOS Design Patterns are built on the basis of creative, structural and practical.

MVC – The King of Design Patterns

MVC is a very beautiful iOS Design Patterns. The model-view-controller is one of Cocoa’s building blocks, undoubtedly the most used of all. It classifies objects according to their common role in your application. The code is separated here based on the role.

It depicts three roles:

Model: – In it, all the objects that hold your application data, inside it is the data of ios. You can manipulate it according to this pattern. Example – Models are album structures, in most applications part of their model has many variations.

View:- All UIView-derived objects are contained inside it. Which represents this object, is in charge of the visual representation of the model. View is represented by AlbumView in the application.

Controller:- Through the controller, you can coordinate all types of ios code. It accesses data from the model, displaying it with views.

How to Do iOS Design Patterns

iOS Design Patterns

If you want to design a pattern, you can easily learn it. First of all, you are already using iOS tons in a designed way, depending on the way it have been used before, you can also create a cod for it. IOS will provide momentum on design patterns, which are commonly used in Cocoa.

We will tell you about its three patterns, which will help you to learn it.

Singleton (Creational category)

iOS Design Patterns fall under a Singleton category, in which such a situation is imagined. Where you only need one object copy. In which you visualize an object, for example, it can be anything like a real object – a printer, server, or something that should not have many copies. It does not connect two objects together. iOS devices have a User Defaults object.

Factory Method (Creational category)

The factory method is a creative category. It is used in iOS Design Patterns when it is necessary to choose between classes that implement a protocol. Inside it is an argument with a pattern, which decides which class to choose. As the template name suggests, it encapsulates the implementation. There are two implementation styles inside it, a global method or a base class.

Abstract Factory

It is very easy to create iOS Patterns in the Abstract Factory category. It works according to the category mentioned above. It is used to create a set of objects. The pattern of adding any device cannot be inferred. This helps you select the appropriate specific item. Which you need to connect with the ios device.

Final Word –

We have provided you all information about iOS Design Patterns. We have told you about the MVC pattern. Along with this, we have also seen mask and decorator patterns. Now you understand how iOS Design works. If you want to know more, you can see it in our upcoming blog.