IRCTC App For PC 2021 For All Windows And Computer

You can use IRCTC For Your PC. We will provide you complete information of IRCTC App For PC. From here you can download the IRCTC App For PC. From here you can create a user ID to book your ticket, all of us need a train to travel at some time, for this you can use the app IRCTC created by the Railways. This application is available for both mobile phones and PCs.



When we have to go somewhere, and we go to the railway station, we do not get the tickets on time. To take tickets one has to take long lines, even after that we are not able to book tickets.

Therefore, it is our opinion from you, that you use the IRCTC App for yourself, it gives you a chance to book tickets sitting at home. You can download it easily on your PC. If you download the IRCTC App For PC, then there is no need to go to the platform for hours before to get tickets. You can easily book tickets for yourself through this. This application is completely free, you do not need to make any kind of payment to download it.

What is the full form of IRCTC?

Everyone knows it as the name of IRCTC application, we tell you that, what is the full form of IRCTC? The full name of IRCTC is “Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation”. The IRCTC App was launched on 27 September 1999 and has been in use ever since. Later it started being used on mobile phones.

How to create IRCTC User Id?

To use IRCTC you have to create a User Id in it. If you use IRCTC App For PC, or use it on mobile, then you have to create the first ID, only then you can book tickets for yourself through this application. To make IRCTC New Login, you have to provide some information in it.

To create an account on IRCTC, first of all you have to go to IRCTC Ki Official Website or its official app. For this, you can open the official website of IRCTC by going to your computer’s browser. After opening it, click on the option of “Register”. From here, your register form will open in front of you, make it full.

While registering, you will be asked for 3 types of information, for which there will be 3 sections:

  1. Basic Details
  2. Personal Details
  3. Residential Address

In these options, you have to fill your complete information, in which your name, address, age and any id are asked. With this, you have to fill in Password, Confirm Password, Security Answer, Security Question, Preferred Language, Nationality, Email, Country, Aadhaar Card No or Pancard number. After giving all this information, you can easily register in IRCTC.

Benefits of IRCTC App For PC


If you use IRCTC, then you will be aware of its benefits. By using it, you get many features, due to which this application is most liked by everyone today.

  • There is no need to stand in a long line to book a railway ticket.
  • Through this, you can save your time.
  • While booking a ticket, you can choose Opt, so if the ticket is
  • in Waiting, then you will get birth in another train.
  • You can also book Railway Ticket from home or outside,
  • Tatkal Ticket Booking can be done.
  • With the IRCTC App, you can cancel the booking ticket.
  • There are many options to pay.
  • The money for the cancell ticket comes to your account.

Who is the owner of IRCTC?

The IRCTC App is owned by (Goverment Of India). Our entire railway runs under our government, and all the trains running in the country are operated by it. It is maintained by Ministers of Railways. It is the most famous online portal of the country. This website receives more than 15 lakh visitors every day, and about 7 to 7 lakh online ticket tickets are booked for themselves almost daily.