What is Mod Apk – Is it safe to use Mod Apk?

Friends, we have heard and seen the term Mod Apk many times while downloading the app on mobile. There are many famous games and apps for which we have to purchase those apps to take advantage of them.

We download our mobile applications like Facebook, Kinemaster, Picsart etc. to use them in mobile. Then an Apk file of the apps gets saved in our mobile.

There are some apps that provide additional features. Apart from this, we have to pay a premium fee to avail the features. But in order to save money, we use Mod Apk to get the features of those premium apps.

For example, suppose there is a mobile game application. There are some extra features in the game which you have to pay to get. But we take Mod Apk of any application to save money.

In today’s post we will discuss Mod Apk and how safe is it?

What is Mod Apk?

Mod Apk is basically Games and Apps Modified Android Application where the premium features of the apps are available for free. It is developed by third party developer.

Such apps which have to be used by paying money. Modify those apps to make them suitable for free use. Modified version of Instagram, Whatsapp, Pics Art etc.

Mod Apk are not officially published on Google Play Store.

What is Mod Apk – Is it safe to use Mod Apk?

Is it illegal to use Mod Apk?

Mod Apk is not an official application. Apps for which I have to pay for premium features, their features are unlocked by modifying them.

But the company that originally made the apps. Those companies have the copyright of the apps. If we use someone’s thing without his permission then it is illegal. In such a situation, the company can take legal action against the user.

Companies cannot take legal action against the users as there are millions of people who mostly use Mod Apk. It is impossible to take action against everyone even if the company wants to.

So companies mostly take legal action against those people who make Mod Apk of apps. The company takes legal action against the websites that provide Mod Apk. Mod Apk is illegal but not illegal for the users.

Is it safe to use Mod Apk?

Mod Apk are not safe. Because suppose you use a stolen mobile. If there is any danger related to that mobile in future, then you will have to take the responsibility for it.

The person who sold you the mobile sold it to you to earn money. If you are the owner of the mobile phone, it is entirely your responsibility.

The apps available on the Play Store are always safe. Because Google first verifies the apps on Play Store and then launches that app on Play Store.

But if you download the Mod Apk of the same app from any other website then it is not safe. There is a high chance of getting your mobile hacked by using Mod Apk.

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Some Trusted Websites to Download Mod Apk

We will not ask you even once to download the Mod Apk. Mod Apk are not available on any official website. And after reading your post, I have understood how safe it is to use. Though there are some online websites from where it is safe to download Mod Apk. Some popular websites for Mod Apk –

  • happymod.com
  • moddroid.com
  • apkdone.com
  • happymodpro.com
  • apkmody.io

It is entirely your responsibility to download the Mod Apk from here.

Can using Mod Apk get your account suspended?

If you are using Mod Apk then you may face problems in future. Apps like WhatsApp take very strict steps to use Mod Apk.

If someone uses Mod App, then WhatsApp company can terminate his account. There are many professional apps which take strict action against the user.

So if premium app does not work for you then stay away from Mod Apk.

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