kenshi Farming – kenshi Farming Guide Latest Game 2020

Have seen many types of farming games. We are going to tell you about the kenshi farming game, in which you have to make many types of food for your friends. For this, we are providing you the detailed guide. It is very easy to walk, many new features have been provided in farming kenshi which help you.

kenshi Farming

kenshi Farming

If you want to know how much food you need to produce to feed your team. And for the things you need in it, we have given you a vast guide. Through which you can build a balanced diet.

There are many places to produce food. From which you can choose the place according to you. We have provided you with maps for this. In this, you can choose the location of a building between the ground, shark (swamp). Here you can do many types of farming for yourself. At this place, dry land and marshes join, which made possible the cultivation of wheat, corn, cactus. At this kind of place you get to see many types of minerals, in which you can find stones, iron and copper. All these help in increasing your profit.

kenshi farming guide

There are many guides provided in kenshi farming through which you can make all your activities easy. Seeing them, you complete all your work, which gives you more convenience. We have told you some guide below.

  • Advanced Training Guide
  • Food production guide
  • How to play (roleplaying tips)
  • A Quick Start Guide
  • A guide to your first town
  • Combat Leveling Guide

kenshi farming guide

In this, you have been told how you can produce the crop. 4 hydro wheat fields + 3 hydro green fruit farms will produce food to feed 1  Greenlanders. This way you can double it if you need more.

Food production guide

How much does your Greenlander eat? You should know about it. Accordingly decide its quantity. You can use it as per 40 NU per day. In kenshi farming there is no need to produce a huge food to feed the team.


The amount of production produces 22,5 plants per day, 30 nos per day, which is ~ 65 nu per day. According to this you can produce your food. It has given you a detailed guide which gives you the right information.

A Quick Start Guide

A farmer can handle 250–360 crops on his own. For this you must have the necessary preparation. It is necessary to cut the crops at the right time when harvesting. Otherwise the crop may be spoiled. Crops will have to be produced in more than 4 big farms per farmer.

kenshi moisture farming

kenshi Farming

Use hive drone workers as your farmers, which will increase crop production. Through this, you can give 10 to 20% faster to your crop. Don’t forget to install lights around your fields, indoors and outdoors. Animals coming from outside keep it. And you are saved from working in the dark in the field.

Kenshi Farming Map

  • Crop and water require storage.
  • Water tank requires filling
  • Someone needs to water the crops.
  • The crop needs to be harvested at the right time.
  • Must have crops for storage
  • Fertilization has to be done at the right time.

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