Selinux Mode Changer App 3.2 Apk Download Free

Today, friends have brought information for you, what is Selinux Mode Changer App? What are the types of SELinux and its importance? How does SELinux work? I am going to explain and explain to you all about this, we have a lot of friends who install custom ROMs in their phones and will get to see Enforcing Permissive in some custom ROMs.

Selinux Mode Changer App

Selinux Mode Changer App

I am going to give you complete information about what is Permissive and Enforcing, we will also give you further information about which SELinux should be used and if you have any problem in the information given to me through you then you will give me You can tell by commenting that I will try to solve all your problems.

What is SELinux Apk?

First, SELinux Apk is named Security-Enhanced Linux. All people will be aware that every day there is a security risk in our phone, we worry about our security from time to time because many such cheat and chit applications have been launched that steal your phone’s important data. To avoid all these misuse of our data and to prevent the theft of your phone’s data, the United States National Security Agency (NSA) launched a secure architecture, which we know as SELinux. . SELinux works over Linux Kernel.

Who can access your system of SELinux and who cannot – this thing is permitted by SELinux and no one can take anything from your system without its permission. For SELinux is considered important.

How SELinux App Works

Selinux Mode Changer App

SELinux has an Interaction Manual which means that the rules and regulations are all a security system through which they are stored. That is, if any App or important data comes, which asks for permission to come from your system and it can be manipulated by anyone who has permission, then SELinux removes permission. And SELinux does not give any permission to it and dismisses it so that no one can harm your important data.

If I tell you about it directly, then it is a system that keeps your personal files safe. This system has all kinds of information about which apps are good or bad. After checking the loss, puts those apps in your system that cause any loss or damage to your system. This allows the app to decide whether to stay in your system or not.

Permission means that it is a system of SELinux that comes to access the application, it gives permission, that means that the app needs its own system and that app is necessary for you, it means that the application When they try to grant permission, it stops them and then Allowed it.

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Final Word –

If an application can harm your system, it will allowed it as well, so anytime you install a customer ROM in your phone and you get SELinux Permissive of your ROM, it means that you download such a system. Do not do so that your system is in danger, if you keep the SELinux system in your system, then you have complete security.