SimCity BuildIt MOD APK Latest Version Free

It is a famous game in EA’s SimCity series. You can download and play the main APK file and MOD versions of this SimCity BuildIt Mod APK, which we have brought to you in this post, it can be downloaded through the link given below

SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

SimCity BuildIt APK mod

About SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

Gameplay Do you often play games on mobile, SimCity BuildIt APK is a simulation game of electric art. They are famous for some games like Plants vs Zombie Game Series and Real Racing 3. SimCity BuildIt mod apk is like that. This is the first time the EA company has created and attempted a simulation game. The effect of this game was very good. Currently, the game has reached over 50 million installs on Google Play with a 5-star rating and hopefully you will enjoy the game as well. Let us know about some of its features

SimCity BuildIt APK mod

Since the 1980s, the  SimCity BuildIt series has been the best friend of many more generations of gamers and has been liked by all and has been making incredible progress ever since. This new version performs well from the start and feels more polished, the core principles of SimCity seem to be the same. However, in the old days, the world has changed, and has become a world like three things that you can build. Develop your city.

How To Play SimCity BuildIt MOD APK

If you are not too busy to walk and maintain the city properly, then just playing and watching a simulation game is enough to make you happy. When you are at a sports stadium you will see small players playing volleyball making straight scores in baseball, as well as scoring on the football field which performs well in all. You will see and enjoy every scene or else you will be able to hear the bustling sounds of the city with the happy people living there.

This is a good achievement for your effort. All of these Central Industrial Parks are not just the best place for Sims to work. Along with your store, these industrial areas will produce and use the material to upgrade the part of your existing land. . At first, your property may look a little modest – similar to Sim or SimVillage. When you see a change in a developing city, in this time you will know what to do next.

Still some of them want to see the world in flames and I have to admit that this is very exciting as well. You have to take care while building a big city. You can ask Dr. Vu to help you destroy and end the city with disasters so that you do not face any trouble. It is a much easier task to destroy than to make it. Time is too much. Also, you will get rewards for efforts to rebuild your city. It will make you happy.

Features Of SimCity BuildIt MOD APK


There is no doubt about the graphic quality of EA’s game, its games have high quality graphics. SimCity BuildIt APK simulates a real city with detailed and sharp 3D graphics. With the view from above, you can control and monitor all the activities of your city with ease. You can see the people who are happy with you. Your city will be seen emerging with beautifully sharp images and bright colors. Apart from this, there is also a day / night effect in the game which is exciting to watch and also the change in the weather is seen here, all of you provide the best experience.

MOD features

Unlimited Money is available. Initially, you have only 25000 Simoleons and 50 SimCash which later increases. You will realize that the number seems very low when upgrading major functions. You should use SimCash Money only when it is very important. . The MOD version will solve all the financial difficulties you faced in the original version in this game. It gives you unlimited money (with Simacash, Simolone,)

How to install and use

should note while installing and using SimCity BuildIt APKfor MOD version.

Step 1: Install InternetGuard from Google Play.

This is an important step, this application will help you to block SimCity BuildIt without any mistake while accessing the internet and playing.

Step 2: First download the MOD version of SimCity BuildIt APK in your phone and install it. After install, to install SimCity BuildIt on your phone, open the SimCity BuildIt installer, it will install.

Step 3: Open InternetGuard, then activate the application in the top corner of the screen. All WiFi and mobile data access of SimCity BuildIt APK should block.

Step 4: Open SimCity BuildIt APK. At this point, the game may have been trying to connect to the server. But because we blocked the network access of the application, it will remain static for some time (this may take some time, please wait a while).

In no time the game will start running and you will enter the game successfully and enjoy the game.

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