What is Chat GPT In English | How Does Chat GPT Work?

What is Chat Gpt?

Chat Gpt is actually a Chatbot based on Artificial Intelligence (AI), developed by Open AI. Chat Gpt can be used as a search engine where you can find answers to all your questions. The special thing about Chat Gpt is that this Chatbot talks with you in text format and gives detailed written answers to the questions asked by you. Chat Gpt can be used like a search engine, so there is no harm in considering it as a search engine. Chat Gpt was launched on 30 Nov 2022 and currently supports only English language.

That’s why it can be used internationally only in the English language. However, going forward, many languages of the world will be added to it so that people belonging to every language can use it. Chat Gpt can be used by visiting its official website Chat.openai.com. With the advent of Chat Gpt, the need to write for content writing has ended because on asking questions from Chat Gpt, he can automatically give you biography, essay, application letter and script by writing. Not only this, you can also take the help of Artificial Intelligence in making YouTube videos through Chat Gpt.

CEOSam Altman
Official Sitechat.openai.com
launch Date30 Nov. 2022
Chat GPT TypeArtificial intelligence chatbot

Full Form of Chat GPT

The full form of Chatbot Chat Gpt based on Artificial Intelligence is Chat Generative Pre-Trained Transformer. This Chatbot can be used for language translation, question answering and content writing. It can also be used as a search engine.

History of ChatGPT

Chat Gpt started in the year 2015 when its creator Sam Altman along with Tesla and Space X owner Elon Musk started working on it as a Non Profit Project. But Elon Musk left the project incomplete in the middle.

After this Sam Altman started working on this project in association with Bill Gates’ company Microsoft and finally on 30 November 2022 the prototype of ChatGpt was launched. According to Sam Altman, CEO of Open Artificial Intelligence Open AI Company, ChatGpt had reached about 10 million people only 1 week after its launch. Although Sam Altman says that Chat Gpt has been tried by about 20 million users so far and the number of users is increasing continuously.

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How does Chat GPT work?

As we told you in the full form of ChatGpt itself that it is a Pre-Trained Chat Generative Transformer, which has already been trained. Public data has been used by its developers to train ChatGpt, on the basis of which this chat bot finds answers to our questions.

However, it does not just pick up the answers to the questions from the public data and gives them as they are, but prepares them in the right language, and then transmits them to us. Chat Gpt Chatbot takes care of your satisfaction after answering your questions.

If you are not satisfied with any of ChatGpt’s answers, then he keeps revising those answers continuously.

Advantage of Chat GPT

  • Chat GPT does not provide answers to its users’ questions in the form of links or sources, as is usually provided by search engines. Rather, it presents the answers to your questions directly in text format.
  • Chat Gpt also takes great care of the satisfaction of its users. If you are not satisfied with any result or answer of Chat GPT, then it takes suggestions from you and keeps on updating its answers and results according to the information received.
  • Gpt is absolutely free to use at this time. You can use this chat bot for free by visiting the official website of the office.
  • Gpt is also very useful from the point of view of blogging and content writing because materials like scripts and other contents can also be generated through Chat GPT.

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Disadvantage of Chat GPT

  • Like coins, everything also has two sides. If something has some advantages, it also has disadvantages in one way or the other. Something similar is also with Chat Gpt.
  • Currently Chat GPT supports only English language. In such a situation, until other languages are not added to it, it cannot be used in other languages.
  • It is not necessary that Chat GPT will answer all your questions correctly because Chat GPT is an artificial intelligence based chat bot, which answers your questions using public data as a source.
  • Experts believe that with the arrival of Chatg, many people will become unemployed. However, how effective Chat Gpt is in generating creative content, only time will tell.