What is DigiLocker App? How to use DigiLocker App?

What is DigiLocker App?

The government’s Digital India programme includes the effort DigiLocker App. It is used to verify personal credentials and store documents. Your vital documents, like your driver’s license, Aadhaar card, school transcripts, insurance policies, and PAN card, all be safely stored with DigiLocker.

Additionally, residents might gain from quicker access to government services like health care, education, and professional prospects. The traffic police, for instance, can verify your identity by accessing your driver’s license that is kept in a DigiLocker wallet.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) declared in 2017 that applicants would also receive electronic versions of their ICSE and ISC test pass certificates and marksheets, Additionally, it will make these documents available to them through DigiLocker in digitally signed form.

What is DigiLocker App? How to use DigiLocker App?

Personal health records can be kept in DigiLocker using your Ayushman Bharat ID (ABHA ID). In June 2022, this function was introduced. After acquiring the user’s permission, the cloud wallet enables the government agencies to check the data instantly and directly from the issuers.

The founder and managing director of a company that processes payments, Kunal Jhunjhunwala, stated that wallets like DigiLocker App are really helpful for individuals. Customers of DigiLocker no longer need to carry several physical IDs, remember login information, or carry multiple digital IDs across different apps. For DigiLocker App, they only need to keep track of one login, and everything is shared. This greatly simplifies and reduces the operational complexity of people’s lives.

How to use DigiLocker App?

You need an Aadhaar card in order to configure your DigiLocker. You must have your Aadhaar number or a phone number that is linked to your Aadhaar in order to register for the service.

Go to play store or App store and download the digilocker from there. To set up the service and secure it with a 6-digit PIN, adhere to the instructions. You just need to complete the OTP authentication. All of your Aadhaar-related data will now be fetched automatically. All of your documents can be accessed digitally with DigiLocker after they have been scanned and saved on the storage platform.

How To Start Using DigiLocker App?

On the website www.digilocker.gov.in, you can apply for a DigiLocker wallet using your cellphone number and Aadhar number. Additionally, there is an Android/iOS app for signing up.

You can update your cellphone number at the closest permanent Aadhaar enrollment center if it is not already registered with Aadhaar. Please be aware that updating a cellphone number in Aadhaar carries a little fee.

You must enter your email ID and establish a security pin after filling out the form. You must then come up with a username and password before the process is finished.

After the process is finished, you will see external plug-ins on the dashboard, such as income tax plug-ins for PAN, cars, and CISCE plug-ins for ICSE and ISC marksheets (if you took the examinations after 2017), etc. Select a plug-in by clicking on it, and then import the desired document into your DigiLocker website.

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What is DigiLocker App? How to use DigiLocker App?

Benefits of DigiLocker App

  • The project aims to create paperless governance. these are the advantages that are provided by DigiLocker
  • Users have instantaneous access to and sharing of their documents from anywhere at any time. A lot of work and time will be safe by it.
  • By using less paper, it also lowers the administrative costs incurred by government agencies.
  • The method of confirming the documents’ authenticity has gotten simpler because they are directly issued by registered issuers.
  • Users don’t need to print copies of their documents to verify them, making it environmentally sustainable.
  • The likelihood of financial scams will also be minimized as a result of document digitization because the records would be maintained securely.

Is DigiLocker App safe?

Utilizing DigiLocker is safe. All required security precautions are included into the app’s architecture to safeguard your personal information. For the purpose of safeguarding the specifics of your financial and personal assets, the app is hosted in compliance with ISO 27001 requirements. The program also makes use of 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) certificates, which encrypts the data you supply when issuing documents. To obtain papers from the government or other recognized issuers, users must authenticate themselves using their Aadhaar numbers.

The mobile authentication-based sign-up is the following significant security precaution. When a user accesses the DigiLocker app, they must authenticate using a mobile OTP. Another security safeguard taken by DigiLocker to prevent unwanted access to user information is the termination of sessions when it notices extended periods of inactivity.

What is DigiLocker App? How to use DigiLocker App?

How do I issue e-Aadhaar in DigiLocker?

To make e-Aadhaar accessible, UIDAI and DigiLocker have teamed. If you have a DigiLocker account, you can issue an e-Aadhaar by following the instructions below.

  • On your phone, download the DigiLocker app. Using your mobile number and Aadhaar number, create a user ID.
  • A dialog box requesting your e-Aadhaar message will appear. “Click here” should be tapped.
  • Your Aadhaar’s connected mobile number will receive an OTP.
  • You will now be taken to the Issued Documents section, where you may see a list of documents that include your e-Aadhaar.
  • To view or download the document, click “View” or “Download PDF”.