What is Discord App? How to Use Discord App?

What is Discord App?

One of the most widely used platforms for online gaming communication is Discord App. Friends can join servers where larger communities congregate and communicate by voice, video, or text using Discord App.

Discord’s primary focus is gaming. The site once provided paid users with free PC games before deciding it couldn’t compete with Steam. However, any online community can benefit from Discord’s capabilities. I’ll go into more detail about its additional applications later.

What is Discord App? How to Use Discord App?

How to Use Discord App?

Discord App is used in conjunction with other activities that you are engaged in. Imagine that you enjoy playing fighting games with a bunch of pals on the weekends. By starting and accessing the same Discord server from any device, you can all join it with ease. Jump from teasing each other about their Street Fighter 6 prowess on the PlayStation 5 to laughing about the deaths in Mortal Kombat 11 on the Xbox One S. Discord is ideal in that situation because crossplay features in games allow players to participate regardless of their console. The inferior voice chat app for Nintendo Switch Online is particularly outclassed by Discord.

Private servers should only be used for socializing with cool friends and not by irate strangers. They also function for any form of communication that needs to be private. I viewed a presentation for some game previews and messaged the creators over a private, password-protected Discord server.

Additionally, public servers have their uses. Public Discord servers let followers with a shared interest speak with one another and build their community in a way that combines Reddit and Slack. For the inside jokes on your server, you can make your own emotes. Problematic users may be banned by moderators. In fact, it is common practice for game producers to engage with players on authenticated Discord servers dedicated to their products.

Discord App doesn’t compete with Twitch and other video game live streaming sites, despite the fact that it offers video functionality. Instead, Discord App functions more as a Twitch auxiliary service. You can talk to other fans in the Discord chat while watching your favorite broadcaster. Drake and Ninja used Discord App to communicate when they bizarrely teamed up to play Fortnite on Twitch in 2018. Streamers can even reward their viewers with continued access to their servers by linking their Discord accounts to their Patreon, Twitch, or YouTube accounts. With your pals, you may stream Jackbox games via Discord.

How to Join Discord App?

Online gaming offers a variety of communication options, but many of them require particular technology. Discord is successful because it is platform independent. Discord, in contrast to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network, is not restricted to any particular platform. Discord’s case for non-gaming applications like talking to relatives or classmates is further supported by the fact that it is not connected to a gaming platform.

What is Discord App? How to Use Discord App?

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It’s simple to join Discord by using the desktop browser application or the free app, which is available for Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, and Windows. The next step is to join a server by looking for one, accepting an invitation, or making one yourself. Members can communicate on a server through its channels. In fact, Discord is a good substitute for Zoom Meetings because to its video chat functionality.

The list of server members is displayed on the right rail, and servers (and the channels inside those servers) are displayed on the left rail. You can add and message friends, search servers, and check to see if you’ve been mentioned in a conversation at the top (or bottom on mobile). While a single premium subscription can connect to 200 servers, a single free user can only connect to 100.


Discord also allows you to change your moniker for each server you join and personalize server notifications. Even while friends don’t necessarily need to converse on the same server, you can still invite them over if you added them from one server.

Up to 500,000 users can be found on a single server (250,000 on a new server). However, if more than 25,000 individuals are logged in at once, the owner must contact Discord support for more server space to prevent connection issues. There are a maximum of 50 categories and 500 channels per server.

How much does Discord App Cost?

You can use Discord App without ever having to pay because it is available for free to download. However, Discord Nitro, which comes at two tiers, allows users to take advantage of premium extras.

The more affordable premium tier, Discord Nitro Basic, costs $3 per month or $30 per year. You receive a Nitro badge for your profile, unique emotes and stickers that you can use outside of your home server, and unique video backdrops with this subscription.

The basic Discord Nitro tier provides everything in Discord Nitro Basic, plus a few extra benefits, for $10 per month or $100 per year. You can upload files up to 500MB, which is significantly more than the 8MB limit for free users and ten times the 50MB limit for Nitro Basic. With it, you can write lengthier messages, stream in 4K/60fps, and add animated avatars, banners, and more colors to your own server profiles.

What is Discord App? How to Use Discord App?

Also included are two server boosts. A server levels up and opens up more features for all of its users once it has been boosted enough times. These benefits come with extra emoji slots, a vanity URL, invitation artwork that is unique to the user, animated icons, a server banner, and capabilities that are often only available to paid subscribers, like better video quality and bigger upload limits. Therefore, even if you don’t pay, you might still receive premium benefits if the sense of community on your server is strong enough to inspire others to pay it forward. Discord players have even more motivation to create friendly, inviting servers rather than aggressive, toxic ones like other online gaming communities.

What are the benefits of Discord App?

It can be a tremendously effective approach for teenagers to meet others who share their interests and form a community. This could be related to playing video games, but it could also be related to other hobbies like playing an instrument, admiring a particular artist, or reading books by a particular author.

Make sure you are aware of whom your child is chatting with by taking the time to check in with them. Always remind kids to have civil and constructive conversations. Additionally, it might be an opportunity for you to educate them the skills they need to handle any unsafe circumstances they encounter online.