What is Dukaan App

What is Dukaan App

In today’s time, people rely more on online shopping, because neither do you have to go anywhere nor do you waste much time for online shopping. You have many options in online shopping, so that you can buy your favorite and good stuff.

In view of this popularity of online shopping, now many shopkeepers want to sell their goods by making their shop online, so that good income can be generated. Today we are going to tell you about one such application where you can make your shop online for free, the name of that application is Dukaan App. With the help of this application even small shopkeepers can make their shop online.

In this article, we are going to tell you what is Dukaan App, how to download Dukaan App, how to make your shop on Dukaan App, you will get all this information through this article.

Dukaan App About

Dukaan App is an online marketplace where you can create an online store to sell things. It is an online marketplace similar to Flipkart, Amazon, and Myntra. Sumit Shah, a resident of Satara, Maharashtra, launched the entirely Indian Dukaan App on June 9, 2020.

One can infer from the fact that Dukaan App is well-liked that it has more than 50 lakh users on Play Store. Also, it has a 4.5-star rating, which is regarded as being extremely good.
You must create an online store on the Dukaan App and add products to it. You must share your shop on Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram after creating the product list so that people may place orders by browsing the products.

How To Download Dukaan App

If you also want to make your shop on Dukaan App, then you can also make your shop by downloading Dukaan App.

You can easily download Dukaan App from Play Store, for this you have to search Dukaan App on Play Store and install it. Now on Dukaan App you can create your own shop and sell goods online.

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Here Some Steps To order the Product of Dukaan App

You must open this application in order to get the Dukaan App. The procedures below must be followed in order to open a shop on the Dukaan App-

Step 1: After accessing the programme, you must first enter your mobile number and select the Start option.

Step 2: Fill out the OTP that now appears on your phone.

Step 3: Next, you must select the type of business you are. If you are a shop owner, select Dukaan Owner; if you wish to sell your goods online from your home, select Dukaan Plus. You must now select the Continue option.

Step 4: Next, you must complete the information about your company, including the name and category of your company, before selecting the Complete option.

Your store is now ready, but you still need to add things to it.

Feature of Dukaan App

  1. You may view all the information about your shop’s orders, overall sales, number of visitors to your shop, and number of customers who have spotted your goods on the Dukaan App on this page.
  2. On the Dukan app, you can also design your store’s banner, business card, and WhatsApp Stories.
  3. You can close your store by selecting the option to do so online if you need to close it for a few hours or days.
  4. On any order placed through the shop app, there are no commission fees to pay.
  5. Your daily sales reports are available for download as PDFs or Excels.
  6. On the shop app, you can create and print the QR code for your store.

What is the use of Dukaan App

The following is how you can utilize the Dukaan App’s provided option

Home: From here, you can view all the information about your shop’s orders, overall sales, number of visitors to your shop, and number of customers who have seen your product on Home.

Order: In this section, you can see all the information about your orders, including how many are still pending, how many have been accepted, how many have been sent out for delivery, how many have been received, how many have been modified, how many have been rejected, how many have been cancelled, and how many have failed.

Item:  Here you can add new items and new classes.

Make due:  Here you are given numerous choices –

  • With Special Plans, you can make a business card for your shop, a standard for your shop and a WhatsApp story to develop your business.
  • In Web-based Installment, you need to fill your bank subtleties, after that your store can likewise take online installment, here you keep both Money down and Online Installment choices on.
  • With the assistance of Markdown Coupons, you can make new rebate coupons.
  • On My Client, you see a rundown of individuals who have taken orders from you.
  • With Additional Charges, in the event that you send the request for conveyance from a distant spot, you can apply additional charges here.
  • You can likewise make your own request structure with the choice of Request Structure.
  • With the choice of Dukaan Conveyance, you can send your request to any place in India with the assistance of Dukaan Conveyance.
  • Here you need to fill the subtleties of your store and your GST number. After this you can utilize Dukaan Conveyance.
  • With the assistance of Store QR code, you can likewise make QR code of your shop.

Accounts: – Here you can change the subtleties of your shop, alongside this you can likewise involve your shop on PC and watch recordings for your assistance.

How To earn Money Help of Dukaan App

Firstly you can very easily sale your Product online after that you can sale your product entire world. Basically Dkkan app is a best app for the product buying.

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