What is Duolingo? How does Duolingo work?

What is Duolingo?

Online language learning tool Duolingo is modeled around video games. It offers a digital method of learning a wide range of new languages to students of various ages and skill levels. Smart algorithms allow this to even adjust to support particular pupils in the areas they need it, but more on that later.

Along with being accessible directly from the Dualingo website, Duolingo is also available as an app. Students can download it on their mobile devices due of its high accessibility. When students have access to these materials and the choice to create their own video game characters, they feel much greater ownership over their education. Because of everything, it becomes more engaging and a tool that pupils like using time and time again.

Having said that, there are teacher-level controls that enable the setting of precise learning objectives that can concentrate on vocabulary, grammar, or abilities. The Duolingo for Schools version has more features, but we’ll talk more about them below. Of course, if you pay for it, the advertisements are removed, but there are also offline courses and other things.

What is Duolingo? How does Duolingo work?

How does Duolingo work?

Students can enroll up for Duolingo for free, and they can start using it right away. Start by downloading the app, going to the website, or using the Chrome extension. Or, if you’re a teacher utilizing the platform’s schools edition, assign student accounts.

You can choose from more than 36 different languages when you first use Duolingo. For total beginners, there are basic classes accessible to begin with straight away. Those who already comprehend something can utilize a placement test to determine where they should begin.

Students create their own cartoon character, or avatar, which they use to participate in the instructional activities and get rewards. There is a streak count for how many days straight you’ve used the program to study. XP points can be obtained by using the app for a certain amount of time. Badges may be displayed on the avatar profile, and flag symbols indicate the languages the person is learning. Finally, you can enhance your appearance and change your avatar using gems. Their overall mastery level reveals the number of words they have learned.

What are the best Duolingo features?

The self-correcting learning approach used by Duolingo is incredibly useful because it not only lets students see their mistakes but also the appropriate answer straight away. The platform is thus a good tool for individual learning.

Students must switch between their native language and the target language while reading, writing, speaking, and listening in Duolingo. Students can practice more conversational, situation-based skills in the tales area.

The clever adaptation feature in the premium edition targets learning based on the errors a student has made and the areas that require development.

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What is Duolingo? How does Duolingo work?

For educators, adding class sections, connecting student profiles, and tracking progress are all features available in the free edition. Teachers may assign specific grammatical or vocabulary deficits or they may give students stories to practice conversational skills.

A course overview, each student’s XP earned, time spent, and progress toward goals are displayed in reports that teachers can access.


How much does Duolingo cost?

The free version of Duolingo offers almost all functionality but is ad-supported. Additionally, there is a free version for schools that includes additional teaching-related features, goals, and feedback for use by teachers and students.

The monthly fee for Duolingo Plus is $6.99 following a 14-day free trial. With the addition of features like infinite hearts, a progress tracker, streak repair, practice mistakes, mastery tests, and unlimited test attempts, advertising are removed.

What is Duolingo? How does Duolingo work?

Duolingo Tracks Your Daily Progress

You receive a progress report at the conclusion of each lesson that also displays your streak, or the number of consecutive days you’ve finished. The page also displays any “lingots” you’ve accrued—the Duolingo cash you acquire as you successfully respond to questions.

If you know you’ll skip a day, you can use the lingots to freeze your streak or purchase various costumes for the Duolingo owl mascot, Duo.

Of course, everyone has seen the Duolingo memes featuring Duo and how he will constantly remind you to maintain your streak.

Duo will repeatedly appear in your email, notifications, and other places. Of course, you may disable these functions in the settings. However, many users have made fun of Duo’s “aggressive” nature, as if he were going to stalk you and force you to study.