What is Feedly App? How to Open an Account with Feedly App?

What is Feedly App?

Feedly App, an effective feed reader, gathers information from many websites into one convenient area. No matter where the updates are found—in the news, on blogs, in posts on social media, in RSS feeds, or elsewhere—you may use it to view them.

To see all of this information in one location rather than having to visit each website, blog, etc. to obtain updates is the main advantage of a feed reader like this one. Using a computer, the web, or a mobile device, you can utilize Feedly App.

How to Open an Account with Feedly App?

It’s simple to open a new Feedly account, particularly if you already have a Google or Facebook account.

Choose how to sign up by clicking get started for free at feedly.com or through the Feedly App, and then enter your email and create a unique password specifically for Feedly. Your Google, Apple, Twitter, or Microsoft account will also work.

What is Feedly App? How to Open an Account with Feedly App?

Pick a Feedly App

You have a few choices for accessing your account after signing up. Any browser can be used to access the website, and you can use the Android or iOS app to log into your account.

When you read something on your desktop or add a new feed to your account from your phone, it will appear on all of your other linked devices as well because feeds and reading habits are synchronized across platforms.

How to Create a New Feed

  • After logging in, you can create a new feed, which will eventually act as a folder where a collection of updates will be stored. Perhaps you want to create one specifically for Android news, video game content, or news in general.
  • From the left panel, choose create folder. Give it a name you can understand later. Select save to continue.
  • Feedly App create new folder page
  • When opening this feed, click add content to add a source so that you can see content from that source.
  • Enter a website address, a search term, or the URL of an RSS feed in the provided fields. If you’re unsure about what to search for, you can also explore the topic suggestions.
  • Choose the newly formed feed you created (Tech News in our example) after selecting follow next to the topic you wish to add to your Feedly feed.
  • Once a new feed has been added, you can update its folder by adding more material from additional sources. You can accomplish that by using the same procedures as above, or you can find related information by right-clicking an existing feed on the website and selecting See Similar Feeds to go back to Step 3 as previously said, where you can perform a topic search.

What is Feedly App? How to Open an Account with Feedly App?

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The OPML Import page, which you can get via that link or via Organize Feeds in the menu, is another option to batch import RSS feeds into Feedly. To add an OPML file to Feedly, use the button on that page.

The folders off to the left will display all the sources you’ve added. To view all of a folder’s updates, select the folder name. You can only see the news from a single source if you choose that source from the feed.

You can access all of the news that has been released today by clicking on the Today item in the left column; All also includes older stuff. Both of them make it incredibly simple to stay up to date on all the stuff you’re following by gathering every source from each of your feeds and displaying it on a single page.

You can easily tell how many new subjects have been added since you last looked through the feed by looking at the unread count that is displayed next to each feed. After reading an article, you can check the box next to it to instruct Feedly App to lower the number of unread items by one (or uncheck it again to label it as unread). Additionally, you can designate an entire feed as read to totally clear the number.

Saving and Sharing Content

What is Feedly App? How to Open an Account with Feedly App?

Feedly App is more than simply a website for inactive reading. Anything you wish to remember for later can be saved. Boards, which function as content folders, are how you accomplish this.

To cover a variety of themes and keep things organized, you can create various boards. To choose a name, select Create New Board from the left panel. Use the star on that article to select which board you want to save items to when you want to save them to the new board.

The area labeled “Read Later” resembles a board. To add a bookmark to this section of your account, simply click the bookmark symbol on any article. You can use it to save things you want to read later but don’t necessarily want to pin to a board. It functions more like a transient placeholder than a permanent bookmark.

With the article button (seen above), you may even save something to Read Later without first saving it. You can store a URL there to review at a later time by pasting it into the box you’ll see.

Additionally, content from Feedly App can be shared and saved via email, Buffer, Twitter, WordPress, LinkedIn, Facebook, OneNote, Instapaper, Pocket, and other bookmarking applications. You can also add custom sharing tools, but it will cost you a Pro subscription.