What is Illustrator and what is it used for

What is Illustrator and what is it used for

Adobe Illustrator is vector base graphic designing software of Adobe company. This software is also used in graphic designing like CorelDraw software, such as designing visiting cards, designing banners, designing cartoon cartoon characters, designing web page layout and many more such design level tasks. helps us to fulfill

Adobe Illustrator software has all the tools available that a graphic designer needs and this software also supports almost all file formats. Using Adobe Illustrator software, you can create a very good design in a very short time. It is very easy to learn and use this software – perhaps due to these qualities, today Adobe Illustrator has achieved a high position in the list of vector base graphic design software in the market.

Difference between Vector and Raster graphics

In Photoshop, when we see an image by zooming too much, we see color inside small boxes, which we call pexels, inside the box, we can give color accordingly and can also delete it. Raster in Photoshop Graphics are used in which the image explodes, that is, we see it blurred.
In Illustrator, when we zoom an image too much, we see a line in it, which is called a Vector Graphic. Vector is like a rubber, the more we drag it, the more the design goes on pulling the Vector Graphic on Illustrator. Vector image is used, no matter how much we zoom, it does not burst.
Illustrator tools and their use –
First of all go to file in the menu bar and click on new where you will see many sizes like – mobile, web, print etc. Choose the size according to your requirement, mostly we work in web size or we can give custom width, height by ourselves. Can create page. After that click on create, now a white page will open in front of you on which we make design using tools.

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Illustrator Tools

Here we are explain about some tools  
Pen tool :-
This tool is used for drawing in Illustrator, just like we draw a picture with a pencil, similarly the pen tool is used, first select the pen tool from the left sidebar, then go to the white page.

Suppose we have to make a leaf, then for that we need 3 things, one .(dot) click on where the leaf starts, after that click on the width you want to keep and move the mouse a little down. In this way, the upper part of the leaf will be formed, after that click where it started, by moving the mouse a little higher, we can make the lower part.
After that, there are two boxes at the bottom of the sidebar to fill the border and color, in which the first box is to fill the color and the second is to give the border, by double clicking on the box and clicking on ok, we can give the color and border.

Selection Tool
Its tool is used to select or move an image or box from one place to another. First of all, you go to the file and click on open and choose any image from your computer, after which an image will appear above the white page, after that select the selection tool from the sidebar and click on the image.
Now you will see a box around the image, from where you can enlarge or reduce the image, take the mouse in the line of the box and keep clicking, take the mouse up and down, so that we can enlarge or reduce the image, similarly we By clicking in the middle of the image, you can move it.

Direct selection tool
It is used to show an image, box in different sizes, after uploading the image in the white page, select the move tool from the sidebar and click on the image, then select the direct selection tool from the sidebar, dot all four sides of the image. Click and hold the mouse on the dot that appears and move the mouse up and down, which will change the size of the image. You can change any image as per your wish.

Rectangle tool
It is used to create a box, inside which we can place color, text image. Select the Rectangle tool from the sidebar, then go to the white page and hold the mouse and move it to the right and down. Now there is a box in front of you. Will be created in which we can give color and border, apart from this we can use Round Rectangle tool, Ellipse tool, Polygon tool, Flare tool.

Type tool
Type tool is used to write any title, text, heading. After selecting the Type tool from the sidebar, click anywhere on the white page and type anything from the keyboard, such as your name and the font below the menu bar. Family, size and color will appear from where you can change anything, similarly you can use different type tools like – Area Type tool, type on a path tool, vertical type tool and type on a path tool.

Eyedropper tool
This tool is used to color many boxes together. First of all, make 2 boxes on the white page with the Rectangle tool, keep the color of the first one red and the color of the second box green. Select the Move tool from the sidebar and click on the second box, then again select the Eyedropper tool from the sidebar and click on the first box. Now you must have seen that the color of the previous box will also turn red, similarly by selecting many boxes at once. Can color in just one click.

What is Adobe Illustrator useful for?

FOR LOGO – To create a logo

Illustrator is a design program that you can use to design a logo. Not only does Illustrator allow you to create completely custom logo designs, but Illustrator will create your logo as a vector graphic as well. You can convert a vector graphic image to a larger or smaller size as per your wish.

BUSINESS CARDS – For business cards

Because Illustrator is great for print graphics, making business cards in this software is an easy task! Also you can make them in any shape or size that what ever you want them to be.

ADVERTISING POSTERS – To make advertising posters

If you have a local business, posters can be used to advertise or announce upcoming events. About whom your customers should know. Design them in Illustrator, get them printed at a local print shop, and post them around town.

social-media-banner-illustrator social media banner illustrator Not only is Illustrator great for print graphics, but it’s also great for creating web graphics. So, we mostly create all our social media graphics in Illustrator.

You can use Illustrator to create social media banners that will look great and beautiful across all your social media accounts.

INFOGRAPHICS – To make infographic
infographic-illustrator Illustration information can be understood faster than written content. So if you are not creating Infographics for your business, then you should! To attract your audience.

BLOG POST TEMPLATES – To create feature images of blogs
blog-template-design-illustrator It is very easy to create blog and website template feature images on Adobe Illustrator. And this will save a lot of your time as well. You can see that we also make images of our blogs in Illustrator only. Check out the feature image in this blog post, it’s a great example.

BROCHURES – Brochure Design
Brochure-design-illustrator Brochure Design Illustrator is our first choice for brochure design. You can create a very attractive Brochure design in it, which looks good on seeing everyone.

T-SHIRTS – To design-shirts
T-shirt-design-illustrator Using Illustrator, you can make a good T-Shirt design. And nowadays all the printed T-shirts sold in the market are made on Illustrator or Karel Draw.

CARTOON CREATION – To make cartoons
cartoon-design-illustrator You can make a cartoon picture very easily in Illustrator. Then later it can also be animated in a software called Adobe Flash. If your interest is in making cartoons, then it is necessary to learn Illustrator.

email-signature-illustrator email signature illustrator If you love having a branded email signature for your Gmail account, you can create one in Illustrator. That is, now every time I send an email to a client or blog reader, I can click on your signature and go to my website or social media accounts.

PRINTABLESAny printable work
printable-illustrator You can make anything printable with Illustrator. Such as a wedding card, any advertisement, design of product and box etc.

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