What is OLX and How to download OLX App

What is OLX?

In this content we know you about what is OLX and How to download OLX App, If you also want to sell your goods on OLX, then you are reading the right post. Today we will give you complete information about OLX . How to make OLX Id  also today you will know through this post. And we will explain it, in very simple language.

Friends, if we want to buy or sell anything, we go to the market. And most of the people have been doing this and are still doing it today. But now many such websites have been created, with the help of which we can buy and sell our goods sitting at home.

If we have any old stuff which we do not use, then we think of selling it. And when we go to sell our old goods, it is sold in the market with great difficulty. But now you do not have to worry, now there is also a website on which you can easily sell your old stuff.

So let’s know now what is OLX App, if you also want to sell or buy your old goods, then you must read this post What Is OLX.  Only then you will be able to get complete information about it.

About OLX
This company was launched in 2006. OLX is a website with the help of which you can sell your old stuff like – bike, clothes, smartphone, TV, fridge etc.

Even if you buy, you can buy old stuff cheaply. It helps us to sell our products through internet. It has a website on which we advertise our product.

Whoever needs that product can buy that product. This is a free advertising company, on which we can advertise for free to sell our products.

How to download OLX app

Follow the steps given below to download the OLX App. With its help you can download OLX App:

Download App – First of all download this app OLX App.
Install App – Now after downloading the app, install it.
Open App – After installing you can use this app.

How to create an account on OLX

If you also want to use this website and want to sell your goods, then you must first create your account on it. Follow the steps given below to create an account on OLX:

Steps here-

Go To Website
First of all you have to go to its website OLX.In.

My Account
As soon as you go to this website, you will see the option of My Account, click on it.

If you are creating an account on OLX for the first time, then you have to register in it, then click on the option of Register.

Phone Number
Now write your phone number.

After this enter the password for your OLX Account.

After the password, write your name in this option.

Terms Of Use
Now tick in front of the Terms Of Use option.

Now click on the option of Register.

Now you check your email, you must have received an email. Now click on the link which you have received. And in that click on Activate Account. Now your account will be activated. And you can use it.

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How to use OLX

If you also have any old stuff and you want to sell it on OLX, then follow the steps given below. So let’s know how to sell your goods on OLX:

Open OLX App
First open the OLX App. Now you will see the option of Submit A Free Ad, click on it.

Enter Details
After clicking on it, a new page will open in front of you. In which you have to fill the complete details of your product:

Ad Title – Enter the name of whatever product you are selling in this option.
Category – Now you have to select the category. If there is mobile then click on mobile and if your product name is not there in the category then do other.
Price – Now you have to enter the price of your product for how much you want to sell your product.
Ad Description – Give information about whatever goods you are selling in this option. If you are selling mobile, then write the name, model, RAM, storage of the mobile.
Upload Photos – Upload photos of whatever you are selling.

Your Contact Details

In this option you have to give information about yourself:

Name – Enter your name.
Email – Write your email in this.
Phone – Enter your mobile number.
State – Write the name of your state in it.
City – Enter the name of your city and click on submit.
Enter Verification Code
Shortly after clicking on submit, a 4 digit verification code will appear on the mobile number you had entered on your mobile number. Continue by entering that code.

AD Posted Successfully

Your AD will be successful as soon as you click on Continue. And by clicking on View AD, you can see your posted AD. So in this way you can sell any of your items on OLX with the help of these steps.

How to ride on OLX

You have learned to sell your product on OLX. Now we will know how to buy the product on OLX:

Login Account

First of all open your OLX App.

Choose Your City

Now in this you will see the option of All India. You can select your city by clicking on it.

Browse Categories

Then you have to select your product that what you want to buy. After selecting all the information related to your product will appear in front of you.

Sort by All of them – You can make the price low to high by clicking on Sort By. In this way you will get the product of your choice. As soon as you click on your product, you will get all kinds of information related to it. You will get their name, mobile number and you can also email them by going to Email Seller.

When Seller will check your email, he will contact you through email. And in this way you can buy any item on OLX.

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