What is PowerDirector 12? How to Use PowerDirector 12?

What is PowerDirector 12?

Software called PowerDirector 12 is used to make and edit videos. Audio and photo editing, video reduction, and splitting have all advanced recently. Utilizing top-notch video editing software improves content creators’ capacity to communicate with viewers.
One of CyberLink’s most recent video editing programs is called PowerDirector 12. It is appropriate for novices because it has an easier manner of operation than the earlier version. The updated theme, background music application, style, and color are all included in the main menu.

A company may produce professional presentations and eye-catching material with the aid of top-notch video editing software. My research made me aware of the importance of high-quality software, such as CyberLink PowerDirector, which offers a variety of capabilities available. Consequently, this manual is a compilation of information about CyberLink PowerDirector 12 and other topics, such as the necessity for the video editing program and how to make a film.

How to Use PowerDirector 12?

What is PowerDirector 12? How to Use PowerDirector 12?

Choose the best editing option for you before starting to make a movie.

You can make a movie in a few minutes using any editing option, including the simple Easy Editor. Find the photos and movies you want to modify and import them into the main menu should be your first step.

CyberLink PowerDirector 12 may only display the Action Style when first downloaded. You can download a variety of freestyles and templates to improve your modifications. For basic editing, download Magic Style.

It’ll utilize its capabilities to demonstrate how to make a video because new users are probably already familiar with the Action style.

Use the modification tab to add background music from your phone after choosing your clips. You can utilize any default song on PowerDirector 12 if your library does not contain your favourite music. You can view the top songs that other people have downloaded here.

Select the features you desire by going to the settings menu. After selecting a template and adding music, double-check your work using the preview tab. You can now trim your video to the length you choose.

Select a title for your video in the theme designer. Edit the default text as well, adding any inscribe text that you like. I do suggest a creative text, though.

Please make sure the font you choose for the video doesn’t obscure any of its content. The font color should also match the background and topic of the video. You can choose whether you want your movie to transition quickly or slowly.

Click the ok button to save your edits as soon as you are finished. Instantaneously, your project is finished. Select a video resolution during exportation, such as 640×480/24p or 1920×1080/30p.

Let’s go on to the Full Feature Editor now.

Make your media selection and leave it in the content tab. Drag a new clip from the media to the content box after selecting it. editing is carried out from the top right corner of screen.

You can then record your audio and video using the capture tab. Share instantly from the create tab with your loved ones or via any video-sharing website like YouTube.

Although it frequently seems to be the simplest model, the Slideshow Creator tool contains additional functions. You now have the option to arrange the clips you’ve chosen according to appearance order.

Additionally, you can utilize the transition feature to combine two clips. However, you can get additional features for free from the CyberLink website.

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Editing Modes of PowerDirector 12

Simple Editor

Easy Editor allows users to create and edit videos by choosing their chosen media. After choosing the media to combine, you may add audio and text.

Feature Editor in Full
A full set of video editing capabilities can be found in Full Feature Editor. Given that users can employ a limitless number of features, it is frequently for expert talents.

Additionally, it has better transition and effect control. You have the option to trim, split, or divide your video. The same may be said for producing numerous videos from a single file to produce files of various sizes.

What is PowerDirector 12? How to Use PowerDirector 12?

Designer of Slideshow
The Slideshow Creator is the greatest tool for using your images to make an engaging slideshow. This software’s design makes it very simple for you and anyone else who could be assisting you!

In only four simple steps, you can create a stunning slideshow using your images. After importing them, you select a chic template and interesting background music to make the presentation more engaging before sharing it with all of your friends on YouTube or Facebook!

Why Do I Need PowerDirector 12?

Particle Designer and PiP Designer are excellent tools because they provide users complete control over their media, allowing them to have fun with motion and graphics. The choice of a theme, background color, typefaces, and overall style of films is entirely up to the user. You will therefore learn how much creativity you are capable of using with these instruments.

MultiCam editing is another capability of CyberLink PowerDirector. When using MultiCam editing, you can open multiple cameras at once and continue editing while choosing the best one. As a result, you may make and edit high-quality, professional videos while relaxing in your home.

It is inexpensive and comes with 360-degree video editing features. It can be annoying to spend hours making a great video. CyberLink PowerDirector offers solutions for this based on advice from experts.

You can immediately download and start using CyberLink PowerDirector 12 on your software because it is virus-free. Additionally, you can benefit from the free 30-day trial while getting acquainted with the software’s features and functions.

How much does PowerDirector 12 cost?

PowerDirector 12 Video Editor comes in two different price tiers. The monthly subscription for Windows and Mac is $19.99. The better option is the annual plan, which costs $69.99. Discounts are available on limited-time specials as well. Both iOS and Android users can use the video editor. For $34.99, you can get its annual plan.