What is PowerPoint and features or uses of PowerPoint

What is PowerPoint ?

The full form of PPT is Power Point Presentation, whose full name is Microsoft Power Point. This is a program with the h   elp of which you can create a very nice, powerful and attractive presentation. Power Point is developed by Microsoft. It works to prepare our data (Text, Audio) in the form of slides and create, edit, format, share and present them. You can add animation, photo, song, graphics, ppt, video background in the power point program. In this program, you get a variety of different tools, with the help of which you can create a very good presentation. By preparing a presentation through this program, you can explain your point to others in a very short time and in a better way.

How many views are there in Powerpoint?

There are different types of views available in powerpoint which are as follows:-

Normal View: – There are some types of slides available in Powerpoint, one of which is the Normal View. In this view the window is divided into three parts. You can activate it by clicking in the right and bottom boxes to add notes to all slides in this view.
Slide View: – In this view you can see the slide once. The color background shade everything can be seen in this view.
Outline View: – In this view we see the outline of the presentation. In this, the left key opens a toolbox whose buttons can be used to perform many tasks.
Slide Sorter View: – This row can be seen all together in small form and all the text or images are visible.
Slide Show View:- In this view the power point shows the flight as a whole in one go by disappearing all the facts and a small symbol is also given on the left hand corner.

Features Of MS PowerPoint

  • We can use this MS Power Point tool just like any other office tool like MS Word and MS Excel.
  • After practicing just a few hours, we learn its basics and gradually with the help of its advanced tutorials, we also learn to make our presentation attractive through animation transitions and special effects.
  • Office Suite is a very important part of the program which includes MS Word and OneNote followed by Power Point. You can also buy another plan to use other tools.
  • This program is the most trusted and reliable program ever.
  • You will get the specialty of all the presentation tools present in the world in this program in this one tool and if you do not understand anything then Microsoft Support is ready to help you 24 hours.
  • MS PowerPoint comes with a built-in animation tool, with the help of which you can make elements fun by applying various animation effects.
  • The initial version of this program did not have the facility of video apps, but now the facility of video has also been added to it, the biggest advantage of which is that you can convert your slide into a video and download it as a video. Can be shared on various video platforms like youtube, tiktok, facebook video etc.
  • After learning Powerpoint, you can get not only presentation but also a job.

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Use of power point

You can use Powerpoint not only for office work but also for creating animations.
You can use PowerPoint to edit, add, remove, add pictures, add-remove animations, transitions, etc.
Apart from presentation, it is also used for major works like making videos, preparing handouts, making presentation notes, making speaker notes.
PowerPoint is also used to show your performance in offices, to give information about new tools in factories.

What is PowerPoint and features or uses of PowerPoint

How to make power point presentation

  • First of all, open the power point and for this click on the start button and go to All Programs.
  • In All Programs, you will get the option of MS Office, go to it and open Power Point.
  • After that you click on the option of New Blank Presentation.
  • In the home tab, you have the option of New Slide, from there you can take and insert as many slides as you want.
  • Now you can create your PowerPoint presentation by inserting text box.
  • The color, font, size of the text you have typed can also be changed from here.
  • Now you can also design the slide by clicking on the design button. In this option, you will get many types of designs, select whatever design you like.
  • Videos, audios and photos can also be added from the Insert tab. Through this you can also apply many types of shapes.
  • How do you want to show your power point slide, you can select it from here and apply Effect.
  • You can use animation to give effect to your text, first select the text on which you want to give animation effect and then apply animation by clicking Animation tab.
  • To check the presentation, you can check the PPT presentation by clicking on Slideshow.
  • Now to save the presentation, go to File Menu and save your presentation.

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