What is Sharechat App 2023 Know How to download & its features

ShareChat Download Apk 2023

What is Sharechat App? Hello friends, you must have seen the video of share chat app on WhatsApp status. Share Chat is a social media app created by Indians, which is once again in the limelight after Tiktok was banned. So do you want to know how to download ShareChat?

ShareChat is a highly well-known software that is used by millions of users, and since it is most frequently used for updating status on Facebook and WhatsApp, ShareChat users should be familiar with it.

In regional languages including Hindi, Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and many more, using Share Chat you can make new friends, watch funny videos and share them on social media.

So far, more than 10 crore people have installed this app across the country, if you do not know anything special about it? So in this article how to download share chat in both mobile and pc? You will find full details here. So stick with the article till the end.

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What is ShareChat?

ShareChat App, also known as a video status app, was developed by a group of IIT Kanpur students and is quite well-known. In 2015, the share chat app was released, and millions of people use it now.

Recent funding for ShareChat came from Temasek Holdings, a Singapore-based investment company. In the previous 18 months, the company has received capital in three rounds.

You can see videos, audios, and messages on ShareChat and share them with any of your friends or family members. You can also make your own account on ShareChat, publish a post, and follow another user’s account.

You can gain notoriety on ShareChat by posting your own videos to the ShareChat application.

How to download ShareChat app?

Follow the steps given below to download share chat app in your mobile.

Step: 1 Start by opening the Google Play Store on your smartphone.

Step: 2 Now search by typing ShareChat in the Search Bar.

Step: 3 The app with over 100 million downloads will now be displayed in the search results.

Step: 4 Then click on the install button and install it in your mobile.

Step: 5 After that successfully ShareChat app will be installed in your mobile.

So, using this method, you may download the share chat app on your Android device.

What is Sharechat App 2023 Know How to download & its features

How to sign up to create a ShareChat App account?

ShareChat does not function without an account being created because if you download any status updates or videos from ShareChat, they are stored in your account. Therefore, creating an account is crucial when using ShareChat.

To register for the ShareChat App, you need to provide your mobile number and email address. You may quickly make an account in the share chat application by using your mobile number and email address.

Step-1 First open your ShareChat App, as soon as you open the ShareChat application, you will be asked to select the language.

Step-2 A new page now appears in front of you after you have chosen the language you are interested in. You are required to provide some personal information on that page.

Step-3 In personal details, you are asked for your name, gender, your mobile number, etc., you fill all these.

Step-4 After doing so much, you get to see a submit option below. Click on that submit option.

Step 5: Enter the OTP that ShareChat App sends to the mobile number you provided once you select the submit button.

Step-6 You can use the ShareChat App after your account has been fully created and your cell number has been validated.

What are the features of ShareChat App?

The ShareChat App is a really good video status app. It has numerous features and allows you to view a variety of categories and postings inside each one, all of which may be read or viewed. You may delight.

1. Messages:- Inside the option of message, you can make your friend on any share chat and chatting with him, this feature inside ShareChat is quite amazing.

2. Jokes :- In this option you get jokes related videos and photos. You can also share these photos and videos with your WhatsApp friends and enjoy.

3. Knowledge:- Posts about knowledge and studies can be found in this category. You may find posts relating to general knowledge in this category. Which you may also learn more about by reading.

4. WhatsApp:- Using this ShareChat App function, you may view WhatsApp’s forward message days. You may find posts about WhatsApp jokes and WhatsApp in this category.

5. Love Message:- You can find romantic and love messages in this category. You can read the romantic and love-related poetry that is also included here.

6. Videos:- In this option you get to watch romantic, funny and emotional videos, this is for your entertainment and this category of ShareChat is also very good.

These are some of the main features in ShareChat, along with this, if you want to upload a post in ShareChat, then for this you get the options of image, video, audio and text message. Select the format you want to upload your post in.

You get to see many types of languages in ShareChat App. You can select the language in which you want to use share chat, languages like Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam Marathi and English are available in share chat.

I have full hope that I have given you complete information about how to download ShareChat and I hope you have understood it well.

I kindly ask each reader to spread the word about this information to their friends, family, and neighbours so that we may all benefit from increased awareness. For me to be able to give you more fresh information, I need your cooperation.

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