What is Snapchat and Features of SnapChat

What is Snapchat

Snapchat is an American mixed media texting application and administration Along with being a Social Networking Platform, Snapchat is also a Messaging app. On which you can share picture and short videos up to 10 seconds with your friends. Two more features of Snapchat, text chat and video call make it most special. Both these features were recently updated on Snapchat.

The most important thing about Snapchat is that if you upload a video or picture on it or send a text message. Send it to your friend. So that video, picture and massage are saved only for some unique time. As soon as one of your friends opens them, after some time those videos and pictures are automatically removed from Snapchat.


Now let’s talk about the history of “Snapchat”, Snapchat was started by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown in 2011 for iOS users. All these three friends were students at Stanford University. The idea of getting automatically removed after sending the image came in the mind of Reggie brown.

After which he told about this to Evan Spiegel. Evan had a lot of business experience. After some time both of them included Bobby Murphy in their team because Bobby was an App Developer. After this, all three worked together for a few months and on July 6, 2011, Snapchat was launched under the name Pikabu.
Shortly thereafter, Evan and Murphy fired Brown from the company. After which in Sep 2011 its name was changed from Pikabu to Snapchat. Hopefully, you must have understood what Snapchat is, so let’s now know how to create an account on Snapchat?

How to create ID on Snap Chat( Features) 

To sign up on Snapchat, install the Snap Chat App from the play store.

1. Open the Snapchat App and click on sign up for New Snapchat Account.

2. Now fill your First and Last Name then click on Sign up & Accept.

3. Set your Date of Birth.

4. Pick a Username.

5. Create your Snapchat Password.

6. Enter the Mobile Number.

7. A Confirmation Code which has come in your phone, enter it here.

After that happed like this- Congratulations you are signed up on Snapchat. Now you can log in to Snapchat anytime by entering your username and password.

Hopefully, by now you must have known how to create an id on Snapchat. But the most important thing here is to know how to use Snapchat? Or how to run Snapchat? So let’s now understand some facts of Snapchat. Which will make using Snapchat even more interesting for you.

Whatis Snap Chat and Features of Snap Chat

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How to use Snapchat or how to run Snapchat?

It is very easy to use Snap Chat because you get all its features only on the home menu. So let us now know how to use Snapchat from the beginning.

1. How to make videos on Snapchat

To upload a video on Snapchat, you have to go to your snapchat home and press the camera icon until your 10 second video is recorded. If you want to make a video of more than ten seconds, then you do not have to remove your finger from the camera icon.

After the recording is complete, you can also edit it on Snapchat. After editing, you can also make this snap video as your snap story or you can share it to any of your friends.

To upload a photo from your mobile gallery, you have to click on the image icon below the camera icon.

2. How to Chat on Snapchat

On Snapchat home, you will see the chat icon in the left side of the camera icon, after clicking on which you will see the list of your snapchat friend. Whichever friend you want to send the message to. After clicking on his name, you will be able to chat with him easily. If your friend’s list is long, then you can also search the name of your friend by clicking on the plus on the top right side.

3. How to make Snapchat Story

To upload your story to Snapchat, click on the story icon on the right side of the camera icon on Snapchat Home. Now create your story and upload it by clicking on my story on the next tab. To do privacy of this story, after the story is uploaded, you will see a setting icon in front of it, by clicking on which you can keep the privacy of your story everyone, my friends and costume.

4. How to set Profile on Snapchat

To set up a Snapchat profile, you have to click on the emoji icon at the top right corner of the Snapchat home. Now you can change your name from here.

By clicking on Added Me, you can know how many people have added you. By clicking on Add Friend, you can search the snapchat username of any friend and add it,  Or you can add it to your friend list by scanning someone’s snapcode from your contact or by searching any nearby snap users. But pay attention while searching your nearby friend’s add nearby should also be open.

5. What is Bitmoji

This is an application of Snapchat using which you can put emojis of your choice on your snapchat profile. To use Bitmoji, you will see the emoji icon below your name in your profile. By clicking on which you can download this app and after that you can put emojis of your choice in your profile.

6. What is Snapchat Filter and how to use it

There is a best feature in Snapchat, using which you can use different filters on your face and share that image or video with your Snapchat friend. To use it, simply touch anywhere on your snapchat home, this feature will start showing in front of you.

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