What is Telegram? What can you use Telegram for?

What is Telegram?

Telegram, an instant messaging service, allows you to communicate with friends without disclosing your phone number. The MTProto communication protocol is used to achieve this, allowing you to open numerous sessions on separate devices without being connected at the same time.

The software was created in 2013 by Pavel and Nicolai Durov as a WhatsApp replacement. This is how you may send messages, video files, voice memos, and much more using your personal cloud. Furthermore, it offers end-to-end encryption so that no one else may overhear your conversation.

What can you use Telegram for?

1. Text messaging

Naturally, since it’s an instant messaging service, you may send and receive messages from your contacts. If you’d rather keep your phone number private rather than share it, you can do so.

To make it easier for the Telegram search engine to discover you, you can establish your own username. If you know someone’s username, you may find them in a couple of seconds.

With many people, you can connect via text messages, audio messaging, and video calls. This is all done on your computer or mobile device.

What is Telegram? What can you use Telegram for?

2. Keeping records

All chat messages and files will be kept there until you decide to delete them because the platform has its own cloud.

Can you save any money? You can save as many videos, audio files, and other audiovisual documents as you like because it has an endless capacity.

There are numerous options, such as images from your family and your job.

Exists a restriction while transmitting a file? Yes, the size is limited to 15 GB, but this amount of space is plenty for practically any document.

3. Establish supergroups

Any instant messaging app’s basic functionality includes the ability to create groups, but super groups are something quite else.

With WhatsApp, groups can have up to 250 members, and this restriction hasn’t been changed in a while. Do you know what Telegram’s maximum offer is? 20,000+ members strong.

Which is quite amazing considering that there are individuals like you who work for significant organizations and require frequent communication.

Telegram can be used to complete this without causing any problems or eating up any of your device’s RAM.

4. Creating folders for your chats

Few people are aware of this feature, yet it is quite helpful.

After installation, Telegram synchronizes with your phone’s data, so you can save a huge number of contacts there.

Due to the overwhelming number of discussions you need to be having right now, the issue is that you sometimes can’t find the person you need to talk to.

Thus, being able to create folders for various topics will likely help you keep organized amidst the bustle.

You can find the conversations you have with people regarding particular subjects in each folder. By doing this, you will efficiently structure the platform.

5. Establishing channels

What is Telegram? What can you use Telegram for?

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A great resource is Telegram channels, especially if you own a digital business.

The only person who can interact with the users of this one-way chat will be the administrator. The folders are used for community communication and can be either public or private.

The channels are fantastic for your brand since they let you communicate with potential clients, inform them of the most recent information about your goods or services, and get their feedback on future improvements.

What makes it such a special platform?

You can utilize the fantastic platform Telegram every day. What we appreciate about it is that it’s a full-featured tool that will be helpful for both message sending and smooth operation:

1. You regularly backup your files.

You will utilize the Telegram cloud to back up your own papers, which is the first justification. True, there are a lot of possibilities right now, but keep in mind that many of them have costs and have restrictions.

There is no limit to Telegram’s storage space, and you may utilize folders to categorize material.

You are no longer need to use Google disk or have your hard disk crash.

2. Repeated sessions

Because of Telegram’s extreme security measures, you can request two-step verification to prove that you are the one using the account. You can open several sessions on the same account by logging in with additional devices that you’ve opened your account on.

3. Safety

Since Telegram offers end-to-end encryption, several experts advise using it while discussing sensitive subjects.

The topic of conversation privacy is highly popular right now. You must already be aware that our calls and texts are monitored by intelligence services, therefore using Telegram is no longer an option.

How Does Telegram Compare to Other Apps?

What is Telegram? What can you use Telegram for?

Many of Telegram’s rivals, like WhatsApp and Signal, do not provide the aforementioned functionalities. The fact that Telegram functions a little differently is a crucial factor in how it is able to provide these capabilities.

Both Signal and WhatsApp use end-to-end encryption. When you send a message, it is safely encrypted and isn’t decoded until it reaches the recipient’s device. The corporation cannot access the content since it is still encrypted when it passes via WhatsApp or Signal’s servers.

Your messages in Telegram are encrypted, but only in the transit from the sender to the server to the recipient. When a communication is hosted on Telegram’s servers, it is not encrypted. As a result, Telegram can provide capabilities like the ability to save large files without using up all of your phone’s storage space or the ability to read your messages from a different device.

Your mails are, however, much less secure as a result, which is a drawback. Your unencrypted conversations could be at risk if there is a data breach, and Telegram has the ability to view the content of your chats if it so chooses.

End-to-end encryption is an option for communications in Telegram while using Secret Chats. However, doing so eliminates some of the distinctive aspects of Telegram. For instance, Secret Chats can only be accessed on the device that initiated them. Additionally, group conversations cannot use Secret conversations; only one-on-one chats can use them. For instance, end-to-end encryption is used for all discussions, even group chats, in Signal.

How much does Telegram Premium cost?

The fact that Telegram has a premium tier sets it apart from other messaging services in a fundamental way. The essential services are available for free, but you may access a variety of extras if you choose to pay the monthly subscription fee (currently $3.99 or $4.99 through an in-app purchase on the App Store).