What is Viber App? How does Viber App work?

What is Viber App?

Users of the free-to-download Viber App can communicate with other Viber users for free via text, image, and video messages as well as free calls. It may be used to communicate with individuals worldwide and functions on both computers and mobile devices. The messaging app has 236 million active monthly users as of February 2015. Similar to WhatsApp, picture sharing, video, and group chat are popular features for youthful people.

How does Viber App work?

Users only need to provide their phone number to start the software after downloading it immediately to their phone or computer. Your mobile device serves as your identity on Viber App. Viber App will send you a PIN via SMS to activate your account after you validate your account. The app connects to your contact list after activation to help you find and connect with friends.

What is Viber App? How does Viber App work?

Free group chats with up to 200 people – This feature is quite popular, and young people frequently create groups for their class, friends, sports team, etc. While group chats can be a terrific way to stay in touch, there are concerns involved as well, such as the possibility of cyberbullying and viewing/sharing unsuitable material. Everybody has the ability to create groups and ask their contacts to join. Only when all of the group’s members have left can groups be deleted. A group chat can be left at any time by a participant. It appears that neither group administrators nor members may eject someone from a group.

Public talksViber App users can follow their favorite celebrities and personalities or join talks about their favorite subjects with this tool. When a person follows a public chat, they can like any posts that are made in the chat, but they are not able to participate in the conversation or leave comments until a group administrator has added them as a participant. In the public chat profile information, only profiles of participants are visible; profiles of followers are hidden. Learn more about public chats by clicking here.

Stickers are a feature that appeals to younger consumers. Through the app, stickers may be downloaded and added to messages. Please be aware that although many stickers are free, you can also buy them.A set of stickers typically costs roughly €1.99.

What You Need to Know about Viber App?

Location Sharing

Viber users have the option to share their whereabouts with their contacts, but by default, this feature is disabled. Once more, parents should advise their children to be cautious about the information they share and the people they share it with.

What is Viber App? How does Viber App work?

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You need to be connected to someone on Viber or have their phone number in order to be reached by them. To prevent this, simply turn off the “show your photo option.” It is however feasible for any Viber user to view another user’s profile photo. Please be aware that if a user is an admin or participant in a public chat, this option will be on by default and there won’t be a way to turn it off, thus their profile image will always be visible. For additional details on the privacy settings for Viber, click here.

Is Viber App safe to use?

Because it provides end-to-end encryption for all messages, calls, images, and videos between users, Viber is renowned as a secure communications platform. Only the sender and receiver can see them, according to this.

Viber also has a self-destruct feature for communications that are wiped automatically after a certain period of time. If you’re sending sensitive information that you don’t want retained on a recipient’s device, this capability can be useful.

Viber App has more than 15.9 million reviews and a 4.5/5 rating on the Play Store, indicating that it is widely used in the Philippines.

Is Viber App free?

Yes, Viber App is a free app that gives you access to all of its features.

The ‘Viber Out’ feature, which is a premium option, allows you to call people who are not Viber users.

Making international calls to landlines and mobile phones is easy with Viber Out. You may purchase credits in advance and the rates are reasonable, so you won’t have to stress about running out of minutes in the middle of a call.

What is Viber App? How does Viber App work?

How to use Viber Out?

You need a Viber account and credits in order to utilize Viber Out.

Once you have credit, you can call someone by touching the ‘Viber Out’ option in the app and choosing the nation you want to contact. You only need to enter the phone number to call to get started.